Captain Mar-Vell capability thread

Marvel Super-Heroes #12: Dodges some gunfire, and then uses a universal beam blaster to blind several people who were chasing him.

Marvel Super-Heroes #13: Blows up a tree and a boulder; and then adjusts the setting on his blaster to restore the boulder to its original condition.

Captain Marvel #1: Fights Kree Sentry #459. For comparison's sake, Sentry #459 was strong enough to easily defeat the Thing in Fantastic Four #64. At first Marv is KO'd but he wins the rematch shortly afterwards.

Captain Marvel #4 and Sub-Mariner #5: Fights Namor underwater, where he is strongest. The Sub-Mariner has a clear strength advantage, but Marv proves durable enough to take his best hits and keep fighting, until he manages to set off an explosion near Namor that drains the latter severely (the last two scans that show the aftermath of the fight are from Namor's book).

Captain Marvel #6: Fights Solam, a being consisting entirely of solar energy. At first he configures his uni-beam to drain Solam's solar energy, shrinking his mass, until Yon-Rogg interrupts the process by remote-zapping Marv. This allows Solam to get away and absorb more solar energy to replenish himself. Mar-Vell then performs some quickfire prepping with the resources available to him and uses the resulting tech to destroy Solam.

Captain Marvel #11: Gains a major upgrade from Zo, granting him greatly increased strength and durability (in the next issue, Marv says he received "the strength of ten thousand men"), teleportation, and the ability to project fear illusions (similar to what Phobia does in DC).

Captain Marvel #13: Teleports from the Kree ship to Earth within a microsecond, and uses yet another piece of Kree tech -- a lasonic disintegrator (writers were willing to come up with all kinds of nonsensical jargon in the 60's) -- and uses it to defeat the Man-Slayer, a foe who was otherwise too strong for even the strength of ten thousand men to hurt.

Captain Marvel #14: The Puppet-Master takes control of classic Iron Man and makes him fight Mar-Vell, who was durable enough to only be stunned by a repulsor ray blast, but was not strong enough to defeat Iron Man in a slug-fest. So he pulls out that lasonic disintegrator and blasts Iron Man with it -- and even though it was at a setting far below maximum power, it brought Tony to his knees and he remarked that it hurt more than anything he'd even been hit with before (which would presumably include the times Tony was hit by Hulk in Avengers #3 and Hulk Smash Avengers #1). The gun then jams when Marv tries to use it again, so he's forced to slug it out with Iron Man. Luckily, Iron Man has a heart attack and the fight ends.

Feats from here on feature Mar-Vell with the Nega-Bands.

Captain Marvel #21: Fights Savage Hulk. He was faster than Hulk, but lacked the strength to really hurt him or the durability to take hits from him, and thus lost.

Avengers #89: Defeats a speeding Quicksilver and an intangible Vision before getting KO'd by Rick's Kree blaster.

Marvel Team-Up #16: Saves Spider-Man by moving fast enough to block Basilisk's eye-beams after they were fired, and then breaks free of a glass prison.

Captain Marvel #26: Fights Ben Grimm (he thinks Ben is a Skrull). His strength and durability fare better against the Thing than they did against the Hulk.

Captain Marvel #27: Defeats the Super-Skrull after absorbing some power via the rays of Titan's sun.

Feats from here on feature Mar-Vell after his upgrade from Eon that granted him increased physical abilities and cosmic awareness.

Captain Marvel #30: Defeats the Controller (a being who used his strength and stealth to defeat Black Panther, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Captain America and Iron Man one after the other in Captain Marvel #28) and in doing so, demonstrates the first practical use of his cosmic awareness: figuring out when to strike his opponent for maximum effect. He didn't knock out the Controller or anything like that, but according to Thanos a few more blows would have done the trick, so I just count it as a win.

Captain Marvel #31: Fights Thanos. At first he's too fast for Thanos and manages to land many hits before the latter can react, but when Thanos does manage to finally react his strength proves too much for Mar-Vell.

Captain Marvel #32: Tears apart several demons created by Thanos that matched Iron Man in strength.

Captain Marvel #33: Cosmic awareness keeps Mar-Vell's mind fixed on his target even when Thanos messes with the reality around him, and then he destroys the Cosmic Cube with one karate chop.

Captain Marvel #42: Fights the Stranger while running at half-power since he was separated from Rick. Even though he had no way of hurting the Stranger, his speed was still too much for the Elder, who couldn't tag him until Marv's attention was diverted.

Captain Marvel #43-44: Fights Drax the Destroyer (the one that could tear out the core of a star and shatter planetoids with a punch). He again displays a speed advantage as well as sufficient strength and durability to hang with Drax for a while until the Destroyer starts to overpower him. Then he draws upon more power from the Nega-Bands (at the cost of Rick's health, since they were separated at the time) and manages to take the fight to Drax again until the latter breaks it up.

Captain Marvel #47: Combines with Rick, bringing his power to full potential; and is then pulled into a black hole. He endures the pressure inside and manages to escape by flying out.

Captain Marvel #49: Defeats Ronan, who at the time was crazed as the result of a disease called the virus of the spirit.

Captain Marvel #50: Defeats the Super-Adaptoid that had all the powers of the Avengers by using his cosmic awareness to first overcome the handicap of temporary blindness and then to figure out a way to win.

Marvel Two-In-One #45: Cosmic awareness prevents him from being tricked by shape-shifters.

Captain Marvel #51: When someone tries to mess with his mind, his cosmic awareness tells him who's doing it, why, and how.

Captain Marvel #51: His cosmic awareness alerts him to a trap, and then he uses his speed to dodge several energy rays. Beats up some fodder, and then when Mercurio attacks him Marv tanks his attacks, telling him that heat and cold will not affect him since he's endured the cold of space and the heat of suns.

Captain Marvel #56: Deathgrip drains Marv's life-force, weakening him severely, but he is able to absorb the sun's rays to restore himself to full health.

Captain Marvel #57: As a result of Thanos' machinations, Mar-Vell is forced to absorb the energy of an entire star; energy so great that he could destroy the solar system were it to be released. He's unable to contain all that power for very long, however, and so Thor opens a portal to the Negative Zone where the energy is slowly drained out of him to form a new star.

Captain Marvel #58: Stalemates Drax in an energy clash.

Marvel Spotlight #8: Cosmic awareness sees through illusions and attempts at deception.

Marvel Graphic Novel #1: The Death Of Captain Marvel: Cosmic awareness allows Marv to keep track of the positions of multiple opponents in a fight, and to know how much force is required to knock them out.

As the name suggests, he....well, died.

The Untold Legend of Captain Marvel #2: Defeats two members of the Imperial Guard (Smasher and Fang) with pure skill. This was Marv way back in the past, before he even came to Earth.

Secret Avengers #27: Mar-Vell was resurrected during Avengers vs X-Men by a sliver of the Phoenix Force. With it, he quickly defeats Thor, Vision and Beast........

Secret Avengers #27:.........and then defeats Vision and Thor once more.

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