Annihilus capability thread

As far as F4 villains go, Doom gets too much love while Annihilus gets too little. It's true that he's currently just an oversized cockroach living in Spider-Man's apartment, but in his glory days.....

Fantastic Four Annual #6: The debut of Annihilus, ruler of the Negative Zone! Huzzah!

Note the emphasis on "more". Triumph is not new to Annihilus.

His very first comic book feat ever: Knocking down Reed Richards.

This appearance was actually a bit underwhelming, Moving on.

Fantastic Four #109: WITHOUT the Cosmic Control Rod, he stops Reed in his tracks, one-shots Johnny and his force-field tanks Ben throwing rocks at him.

Still without the CCR, he casually tanks Johnny's attacks. He then teleports away and returns in a heartbeat, bringing the CCR with him this time, and uses it to summon a Negative Zone creature to attack Ben and Johnny.

Fantastic Four #140: Owns Ben, Johnny, Reed and Medusa in moments.

Fantastic Four #141: Temporarily depowers Reed, and then owns Ben and Johnny.

Fantastic Four #289: Releases a blast of energy that KO's Sue, Johnny and She-Hulk.

Avengers #89: Quicksilver attempts to blitz Annihilus but merely bounces off his armor upon contact, Scarlet Witch's hex powers don't work on him (apparently he's "too inhuman" for it) and Vision admits that in terms of sheer power they are outmatched. They then defeat Annihilus by BFR'ing him back to the Negative Zone.

Avengers #233-234: Prep feat, he creates a null field barrier that Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel and Thor could not penetrate. Vision phased through it but collapsed right afterwards.

Fantastic Four: Foes #2: Without the Cosmic Control Rod, he slaps around Ben and Johnny before losing to Sue and a prepped Reed.

Annihilation: Nova #4: Slaps away Nova Prime. Drains Quasar's quantum energy, kills him, and takes the Quantum Bands for himself. The Worldmind tells Rider that while in possession of the Cosmic Control Rod and the Quantum Bands, Annihilus' power outclasses the Nova Force on every level.

Annihilation #6: With the CCR + QB combo, Annihilus survives an attack from Galactus that wiped out three solar systems.

Annihilation #6: Weakened from the strain of surviving Galactus' attack, Annihilus fights Nova Prime again and overpowers him until Phyla takes the Quantum Bands away, allowing Nova to kill him and then pass out immediately afterwards.

Fantastic Four #600: Crowning moment of badassery; Reed threatens to destroy Annihilus and the entire Negative Zone with the Ultimate Nullifier, Annihilus tells him to bring it on.

Fantastic Four #600: Tanks Johnny's nova and kills him (again).

That's all I got.

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Posted by Vance Astro

Very Nice.

Posted by nickthedevil

He adds to the meaning of badass-ery. Didn't know much about Annihilus

Posted by WaveMotionCannon

Wow. Didn't know all that. Very underrated.

Posted by Owie

Nice.  Annihilus is a cool villain.  I may try to find another few scans to add.

Posted by venomoushatred1001

Neat thread.

Posted by Killemall

@CitizenBane: I just realised you were missing scans from The Mighty Thor 404 where Annihilus KOs Thor with one energy blast.

Annihilus gets one shotted by Odin on the very next issue not sure if you wanna keep that up here.

Also great work man, will try and post if i can find any more Annihilus feat that isnt already here.

Posted by Saren

@Killemall: I wasn't sure whether to add that or not because Annihilus was amped by Asgard entering the Negative Zone when he KO'd Thor, so it wasn't completely his own power. Thanks for posting the scans, though.