My Pull List

Here it is, in all its glory:

List items

Posted by RedQueen

Huh, you weren't kidding. 30 titles has got to hurt.

Some awesome titles on here though, and some that I've really got to check out.

I may have to update mine.

Posted by Saranth

@redqueen Yep. I guess it's a case of making sacrifices. Batman and Robin, for example, is my favourite book but is, tellingly, absent from your pull list! Scarlet Spider, too, actually (Read issue 16. You will thank me)! By the same token, though, I'm without Hawkeye. I just can't justify adding anything else, despite the reviews. The same, really, is true for Daredevil and the Manhattan Projects. I think I'll drop Talon and Detective, and poss. Captain America once I find out what's going to happen to his 'son'. Maybe I'll let the Lanterns books go when Johns goes. Oh comics, why do you torment me so?