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A child's been murdered in Batman's care; in Batman's arms. The police therefore have to make enquiries. I suspect that Jim has gone to talk to Bruce about it and, in his grief, Bruce has reacted very badly.

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This story looks like it has a degree of promise, so let's hope that Lobdell manages to end his run on this series on a high; it has been largely mediocre thus far. I also don't really understand why they'd shoe-horn it in as a 'Requiem' book, either, given that its only focus, really, should be Jason given what's happened to him.

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Thanks folks, I appreciate the feed-back. I'm very much looking forward to Spider-Men Two; with Peter Parker largely side-lined in both universes, it'll be great to see how Miles Morales deals with the heroic spotlight. My only real qualm with the series was the death of the Prowler. I get that it was supposed to be his 'with great power...' moment, but I felt that his uncle's continued presence would've been a nice plot device to have around.

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For a stream of consciousness, I actually really enjoyed reading this through. I'm in the exact same boat; I'm an English Literature student and my dead-lines are... a week today! So, what did I do? I started blogging about Batman, of course.

I also relate to you on the financial section. I'll go into my local store every single Wednesday and -promise- myself I'm only picking up my pull list. Then I'll go down to the basement and the back-issues, spend double what I'd planned, and go home. Then I'll probably go on e-bay and fill in the gaps between my back-issues. Then I'll have bought so many comics that I need more bags and boards. Urgh. I'd work in the store in exchange for free comics; I'd probably be better off that way than actually earning a wage.

P.S, I've never seen Kick-Ass. I know. I know.

EDIT: Apparently, with my post-count, I'm only allowed to make five a day; I might be a spam bot! So I'll reply to here:

How do you 'go digital?'. I tell myself that I'll do it, that it'll be cheaper... but I'm so -attached- to my collection. I feel like if I stop now, mid-way through a run, it'll be a waste of having collected them. I've been thinking about finishing the runs I'm on now, and then only buying digitally when there's a change in writer. But, you know, I'd miss the chit-chat in the comic book store.

EDIT: Again, for the same reason. Let me post, Comicvine! I promise to be good.

Ebay is my tormentor-in-chief. I will go on there, and just casually search. And then it's like 'Oh, ASM 647, I think I'm missing that one. Oh look, then have ASM 620-632. I'll just get those while I'm here! Who knows when I'll see them again! They're only £3.00 each!'

Then I get the bill, and I am less happy. I think I'd be an awful lot more content with my comic-buying if I was given a free digital copy with my -back issues- of Marvel and my DC comics, too. I love that Marvel give me one for free these days.

EDIT: Same again...

Injustice is fantastic. Don't think of it as a spin-off or a game franchise. Just treat it as an alternative universe comic. Do that, and Tom Taylor will blow you away. He totally knocks it out of the park and, in my opinion, writes a better Superman than anyone who has tackled the character thus far in the New 52. (Yes, that includes Morrison and Johns).

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He's a writer on a pretty lengthy Batman run, which means that he sort of has to introduce new characters; this is the case for both Batman's allies and his associated villains. If we were to be saddled with Tim, Dick, Damian and Jason again, sure, it'd be nostalgic for a while, but it'd get stale. You have to throw these characters into the mixer and see if they take. You don't have to like Harper Row, by all means hate her, but I don't think he's forcing her down our throats. She's largely featured in the issues between Snyder's major arcs, and has therefore been relatively delicately introduced. I mean, he created the Court of Owls and co-created Calvin Rose; he was never accused of forcing them down our throats!

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Thanks! I was going to do that, but was wary of double-posting. What's the harm, I guess? ;)

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I've been a regular reader of ComicVine for a long while, though I very rarely post in the forums. I've therefore decided that, from now on, I'm going to lay out all of my views on comic-bookery on a new blog! I'll try to make it as entertaining as possible, I promise. It can be found here:

Let me know what you guys think!

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@DarkKnightDetective: I think Marvel have moved to distance themselves from that position, given that Sony own the cinematic rights to Spider-Man.

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I'm buying Threshold, but if I'm honest the highlight is definitely the Larfleeze back-up. It's what really sold the book to me, and what made me pick up a second issue. I worry about Threshold's longevity unless it can find another equally interesting and humorous character to feature in its back-ups.