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Larfleeze is pretty powerful, but if anyone's reading his back-up in Threshold, they'll know that he's continually losing control of his constructs. His instability has them running amock.

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Scott Lobdell's Superman; I'll drop it for Diggle's Action Comics and Snyder's Superman Unchained. I'm also reading Batwing. It's not bad, but I'm not sure that I like it.

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Orm, too. Does Skaar's King of the Savage Land run count?

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@coolguyr99 said:

At the moment probably Justin Jordan or Scott Lobdell.

Scott Lobdell? His Clark Kent is a creepy, melodramatic stalker and his Teen Titans run is competing with Catwoman for the title of worst New 52 comic!

For what it's worth, Scott Snyder is my pick. He is a horror prose writer, first and foremost, and that's evident in his character's monologues and his contemplative, brooding, mood-setting introductions. Black Mirror is probably my favourite trade... ever.

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What would you recommend reading for Martian Manhunter stories? I didn't really enjoy his appearances in Stormwatch, but I thought he was great in his appearances in the Green Lantern books. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Justice League of America plays out, too. I've always thought he was an interesting character, but I've never read anything in which he was the central character.

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With her martial talents she'd be an amazing addition to this game. I'd much rather she was in it than Catwoman.

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That's when he executes Zod, right?

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Depends on the universe, I suppose. I'm not a huge Superman-fan, but I know that he killed Titan, a super-powered individual who escaped from the Phantom Zone, in Smallville Series 6. Clark was pretty torn up about it, too, as I recall.

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I'd like to believe that; I like my Spider-Man, he's my favourite hero. Having said that, it's the little things that Otto does that lead me to believe that he's fooling everyone, including the reader. I don't know if you're reading Alpha: Big Time, but Otto let him loose and returned his powers. We don't know why yet, but he now has Alpha, Electro and Sandman at his disposal. He seems to be collecting super-powered individuals.

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I'm eagerly anticipating this game's release. I'm even prepared to compromise on my comics budget for it! That said, I'd hoped for a few characters who we haven't seen yet on the roster. Let's hope they're in the future DLC packs. Anyway, these are:

1. Martian Manhunter

2. Swamp Thing

3. Damian Wayne

4. Superboy (Supergirl's powers are too similar to Clark's)

5. Lady Shiva