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Wow, that's a tough one. I'm picking up at least eight books weekly right now! If I had to pick, it'd be:

1. Batman and Robin. This is, without a doubt, my favourite title. Gleason's art is majestic, and it's probably been the best writing work of Tomasi's comics career. I cannot get enough. Granted, Damian's gone now, but if the last issue is anything to go by, this title is far from running out of steam.

2. Superior Spider-Man. A Ben Reilly-esque Spider-Man costume being teased? Dan Slott talking about a Miguel O'Hara appearance in the immediate future? Another shake-up in the status quo on the horizon? Sorry, but I need to know what's going to happen. I'd probably go mad on the island if I didn't find out.

3. Green Arrow. Oliver survived being stranded on a deserted island, right? If Lemire's doing his research, then I might well be able to pick up a few survival tips. Who knows?!

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The voice acting is fairly terrible, if I'm honest. I could do a more convincing Batman, and I'm Scottish.

EDIT: @k4tzm4n I'm aware that it's Kevin Conroy, but that doesn't make him impervious to criticism. I'll concede, however, that it may be the fault of the script, rather than the actor. 'Superman! Don't!', for example, just makes me cringe. It's not Batman.

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Damian, without a shadow of a doubt.

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After their discussion about wanting to read the thoughts of Magneto and co', I think it'll be Jean. She couldn't do it at the time, because they had their defences up. She'll look to catch them with their guard down, I reckon, and get the whole story about Xavier's death, Scott's plans and motivations etc.

Plus, Jean Grey joining up with a group of people recently controlled by the Phoenix Force has greater dramatic effect.

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Peter, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Come home to me!

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I'm enjoying so many of these books that it's almost impossible for me to choose. I opted for Superior Spider-Man in the end, because it invariably ends up at the top of my pile when it's released. I'm a big fan of Ramos and Stegman, and I'm really eager to see where Dan Slott's taking things.

That said, all of these would be worthy winners:

Captain America (Worthy for the disheveled hair and beard alone. Rugged Cap' is awesome.)

Indestructible Hulk

All-New X-Men

New Avengers


Thor: God of Thunder

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I'm looking forward to the issue, but I still think Orion's transport looks utterly ridiculous...

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Ridiculous if true; you cannot ask an artist to shoe-horn something that significant into their plans; particularly when you've just hired them on the strength of those plans. Let the writer's decide upon the game-changing moments in their stories. Having something like that dictated by editors beggars belief.

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I think it is just coincidence; he drew her other appearances without any complaint. Her character can only be afforded a starring role in the books outwith Batman's major arcs. That's when Capullo takes his breaks. Twelve came after Night of the Owls, and eighteen after Death of the Family. I suspect DC would like Capullo's art to feature consistently in the trades, so that's why he does not take his breaks mid-arc. It's an editorial decision.

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This is getting ridiculous. Someone should write an exposé and let us know what's going on at DC; the number of New52 books on my pull list is shrinking month by month. I has added Diggle's Action Comics and Fialkov's books. Now they're both gone. It's like they want to fail!