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Gleason's art is incredible. In fact, it's so good that I am double-dipping on the series, and buying both the weekly books and the hardcover trades. As a consequence, it's always a little disappointing when another artist takes over, even if it is only for a couple of pages.

As a fan of Damian, I'm really appreciating this in-depth, extended look at the impact of his loss on Bruce. I hope we begin to delve into the status of the Lazarus pits in the New 52 and the morality of utilizing them. The last issue, with the Frankenstein conflict, was perhaps more visceral, but where that issue was demonstrative of Bruce's desperation, this one felt tinged with resignation. I don't think Bruce ever really thought Jason would offer a quick fix.

Also, this version of Carrie Kelly is not the Carrie Kelly I know. She also feels shoe-horned in, as though it was an editorial decision rather than Tomasi's. That's pure speculation, mind you.

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@undeadpool: No problem! Otherwise, this was a very solid review. I felt the book lingered on Guy's time back home for far too long to make the book worthy of anything more than three stars. John Stewart is relegated to being a bit-part character who appears in a panel or two, and the rest of the Corps are pretty much ignored in favour of showing off Guy's 'recklessness' or 'impulsiveness' .

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Tomasi wrote this, not Johns!

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Yeah, I suppose there is always that. Still, if I can start collecting new material in trades then I imagine that filling up the gaps in my collection with single-issues won't take up nearly as much space/time as buying and storing several comics on a weekly basis.

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So recently I have been tending to my varied collection of comic books. I have been bagging, boarding, filing, boxing and generally admiring it. Then it hit me: I can't keep this up.

My collection is already filling three very large long-boxes that fill my room up. On top of that, they're a tad unsightly. As a consequence, I've been thinking about switching entirely to the trade format.

I already have a tonne of trades, primarily hardcover editions, and they look beautiful on my bookshelves. They take up less room than comics, are more readily accessible and more easily moved.

My question then, readers, is this. Have any of you attempted to make this switch? If so, was it successful, or do you regret it?

I love my comic book store, so I'd still be buying from there for the social aspect of the hobby. Coming home with a pile every Wednesday, though, just seems less-and-less feasible and, ultimately, unsustainable.

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I picked up Infinity, The Walking Dead and 2000AD for free. After spending what felt like a few hundred years in my local store's back-issue basement, I eventually bought the Amazing Spider-Man 529-532 and Ragman 1-4 (From the limited series of the 1990s). It was a good day.

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As much as I think Michael B. Jordan would make a wonderful Johnny Storm, I would much rather that they then cast a black actress to play Sue, too. Given that the word on the street is that Girls star Allison Williams is the front-runner to play Sue, one of them would have to be adopted, or they'd have to be half-siblings. That might impact upon the family dynamic of the Fantastic Four.

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Definitely Martian Manhunter; but I voted for Damian and the Blue Beetle, too, just because I think they'd bring something else to the table.

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It isn't Damian. Morrison's already stated that Damian won't be brought back during his tenure on Batman Incorporated. That series still has four issues to run. He's also said that, if it were up to him, Damian would stay dead. I think it's safe to assume that we won't see a return in the immediate future.