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Do I miss the relationship? Heck yes. I miss the fact that it was the only relationship that was ever interesting to me in Marvel, They were fun and were a perfect crazy match for each othe even when they broke up for awhile. However that is missing the times it was written well not the last six to seven years where Rogue's became a shallow self absorbed brat (despite us being told she was "growing") and Gambit was just her shadow to prove how desirable she was. Yes blame Mike Carey and his wanting to make her a leader and Magneto's girlfriend when honestly she was much more fun as powerhouse rogue - pun intended - who was more devoted to Xavier's ideals than most of the original x-men. So now I think they need some time apart. For Rogue to get her spunk and empthy back and Gambit to just show how good he really is.

***Instead she basically right after that went to the tent next door to have sex with Magneto and then started dating him. Seriously, it made him look so sad***

It did but it made her look much worse. You don't treat people you supposedly care about even with them broken up with that much disregard for their feelings.

***Any time Rogue think a better option comes around she is ready to drop Gambit ***

This has been a problem with Marvel's female heros for a long time. Only characters "created" for one another can be loyal. I liked Gambit and Rogue because they weren't created for each other and were developed characters without the other first. That's what made them a special couple. However Marvel can't not do "love triangles" for angst and in variably they make the usually female center look like a fickle idiot.

***It's just he will never be as interesting or as good a character with Rogue as he could be on his own.***

I disagree with this concept though. There have been plenty of times when they were together that he was very intersting and her too. Claremont did them well in X-treme. Marvel has to alternate exposure between coupled characters and quit retreading old ground. Most of all do what the Gambit book is doing and keep Gambit smart, unpredictable, cunning and fun and Rogue needs to get back to sassy and fun. Both need to use their powers better which hasn't been done for a long time and get to win some big fight instead of Marvel playing their same old favorites over and over (Captain -cough - America- cough).


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@LoganRogue24 said:

Gambit should date someone else and give Rogue up let her live her life and explore other men as possible mates. wether Logan or colossus or someone new.

He's already done that. He did let her go and she dated Magneto despite how horrible Magneto treated her - all with Gambit's support and friendship You don't even seem to know anything about Gambit and Rogue's relationship just keep calling him not right for her because other women want him (ie he's a ladies man). We know you can't stand Gambit because he gets in the way of you fantasy about a Logan who doesn't and has never existed in the comics (he's a serial cheater) butGambit's nearly done all the things you accuse him of not doing and Rogue did date Colossus and it was a horrible bore just like Colossus is in the comics until his sister messed him up.

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The only reason Gambit couldn't beat Iron Man or Cap or Iron Fist is because Marvel wouldn't let him.  I'm not saying they couldn't beat him given the right circumstances but the same hold true the other way.  Gambit can charge Iron man's armor easily if Marvel would let him or Iron man could hit him even though Gambit is way faster than Wolverine and is a much better hand to hand than he's been given credit for in years.  They all have the ability to take the other depending on how and why they meet and who gets the drop on who and Gambit easily is the dirtier fighter of most of them.
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I love Asmus's voice for Gambit, the self -depreciation and humor is top notch.   You can identify with the character.
However I have to agree with most that though the first issue was promising, the first arc wasn't the best.  I think Asmus does have an idea of the direction of the series but I don't think that all the focus on the rather lame tatoo girl's story was the way to go.  I would have jumped straight into this arc with the actual antagonist and the conflict for Gambit and then move him more into the working in other parts of the MU not go right back to tatoo girl again.   She's not that interesting and Gambit needs to really show how good he is and kick some arse as a thief and hero not play romantic foil for some character I will never care about.  Especially given how he's coming out of  repeated numerious storylines (Blind, Deathbit, Marauders, AvX) and the end of his long standing romance that had Gambit looking like a fool and looser every time over and over.   Yes I know that Gambit needs to be human and have flaws but we've been smacked in the face with those for nearly a decade.  He's over due for some clear fun and show-stopping skill. 
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I also can't stand the tatoo girl in Gambit's series.  Everything about her is a cliche.  There's nothing even "bad" about her.  Everything she's done has been predictable and obvious that you never expect her to do anything really contridictatory.  She's like a sad Gambit-lite mirror whining  about her oh so "mysterious" past which is only mysterious because she's so tight lipped.  At least when Gambit was mysterious when he showed up, I really couldn't tell you what he might do.  And for some reason I don't get, Gambit is infatuated with her.  Heck I don't even believe he was that infatuated with Rogue for a long time into their relationship evne if he was challenged.  This girl is not that big of a challenge.  The only thing that makes her barely agreeable is that just seeing Gambit flirt is nearly worth having her around but she could be any coffee shoppe girl and be just as interesting. 
However that said, she's light years above the boring crap with CeCe where suddenly Gambit's hanging around with her EVERY FRiDAY NIGHT for some unknown reason (ie Liu loves her) despite her annoying personality or the absurd idea that Gambit wouldn't just sleep with Frenzy but not be her friend given she's still a human hater and cold blooded killer who killed for pleasure.  Why Gambit has to be tied down to one female character in each book when he should be wanting some casual flings after how Rogue got so wishy washy on him in the end boggles the mind.  I'm looking forward to Gambit flirting with the Queen more than the return of tatoo girl.  Gambit just needs to flirt more and have a few casuals fling with Rachel and Valkrye and Wasp and quit trying to stick him with the writer's pet character for awhile.   
If or when he and Rogue re-unite for any reason, Rogue needs to grow a spine and at least appologize as they are suppose to at least be best friends now and Gambit sure has been there for her.  I do like their relationship but they needed this break but it could have been done without making Rogue look like a jerk and idiot and Gambit just standing around to just take it.  
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@saucylama said:                    

what I find funny about this poll. is the people who answer villain, just say "villain". while the people who answer hero or anti hero, or anything other than villain actually take the time to explain why. seems to me that non villain while losing in this poll at least have ideas to support their position rather then just a single word.

      Why does anyone owe you a speach about it.   Quite frankly he's more interesting as a villain than he's ever been as a hero and the anti-hero thing only goes so far when you are as over powered as Magneto is.  He's not repentatant and that is what it would take to make him a hero but that would take out all that makes him interesting.  To really use his power to its best and his ability to sway disenfranchised and angry mutants is to return him to where he has control not being Scott's cheer leading squad.  The X-books are DESPARATELY in need of good villains and Magneto is a great villain that you can understand why he's so messed up even if you don't like or agree with him while he's a crap anti-hero because he's too god like for people to worry about him being threatened and a horrible hero because honestly no one should trust or forgive him as easily as they have.  Now a villain you have to work with now and then because it makes sense but can't trust is fine (ala how No more mutants made him and Scott strange bedfellows) but the X-books need some top villains again and he's one of the better ones.  Honestly I hope he attacks the Uncanny Avengers because of the contrast with them also having Red Skull as a villain.  Magneto needs to be a magnificent manipulative bastard again not the Magneto behind Scott's Magneto.                

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The fact that Magneto is not "a good guy" but just hanging with the X-Men because circumstance pushed him that way is what makes it stupid.  It's not like Magneto changed, he's just doing what makes sense for his agenda so her "suddenly" acting like he has changed and all the reasons she should hate him from him torturing her during the trial of Gambit being forgotten just makes her look stupid.  It does not make it interesting.   
Gambit and Rogue did get boring but it was better than this when it was good.  For now they are apart and will be for at least two more years of Remender stories so that is moot.  They need time apart for Rogue to quit acting like a wishy washy fool. 
Rogue just broke up with Magneto with the same excuse she used on Gambit 5 years ago so good riddence to Magneto and Rogue but for the lamest of reasons.  Him joining her team to kill Legion without telling her should have already ended this "relationship" which consisted of two sex scene and absolutely no actual confronting of anything between them in same boring fashion they got together.  So its been boring from day one.  Not sad to see it go.   

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Claremont did give Rogue and Colossus at brief shot.  He was just as boring with Rogue as he was with Kitty.  And you know I honestly wouldn't mind them having Rogue and Wolverine try it and fail (because Wolverine is a crap boyfriend) but it could be fun but I know it would likely screw up his great friendship with her and that would make me sad.  If they coudl do Rogue and Wolverine as friends with benefits that end amicably and is never treated like one of Wolverine's fifty thousand conquests as he gets every superheroine out there then I wouldn't mind it  Unfortunately I think that has the likely hood of happening as a real pig flying. 
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@RedheadedAtrocitus said                

See that's great if you focus back to what he did best at one point, being a thief. Now I almost HAVE to get this and check it out. 
It really is  and I love this first issue but am a bit sad that Gambit wasn't prepared for the password.  It one thing to have something happen unexpected like the scarb but another to not plan a heist all the way.  That worries me.  The more I read of his interviews he really doesn't seem to think Gambit's that good at thieft and makes stupid mistakes that will drive the plot. .  I want to love this book but I want a master thief not just a guy who gets lucky some of the time.  Gambit being a stupid bumbler is what the dumb Deathbit was all about and is so hated for.  I'm really not interested in Gambit being his own worst enemy.  I hope the rest of the series stays as strong as the first issue and stays away from Gambit making lame mistakes again and again because that will make me drop a book I've seriously been looking forward to.  I love the whole thief who is a hero idea.  I'm worried this is more just hey Gambit's a thief who gets into trouble idea and that is not what I'm interested in.                      


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@infonation said:  I think it's time for those two to see other people! MARVEL needs to take a chance on one of their more popular couples and see if they can do better! 

They already tried with Rogue and its been a complete disaster.  The crap with Magneto has made every one involved look like they lost their memory and are brain dead - well save Magneto who of course got to look like he was irresistable.   Wolverine and romance is a joke period and she's more likely to get thrown at Havok next.  Marvel can't do better they just lucked into Gambit and Rogue in the first place.  They weren't chosen to be together  because they were southern, they were just going to flirt but it caught on in spite of Marvel's intentions not because of them because the characters were both fun and flirty and were rebels together until Marvel had to bring angst into everything.      
That said Gambit and Rogue need time apart.  With her in UA and him in his own book  I'm sure we won't hardly see them interact for two years minimum.