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701492 Winter Soldier Volume Overview I added the ed Brubaker complete collection to the collected editions 04/30/15 02:37PM 6 Approved
503984 Superman: Doomed Volume Overview 08/09/14 11:09PM 1 Approved
498116 All-New Marvel NOW! Concept Overview 08/03/14 03:33PM 1 Approved
439835 Superman: Doomed Arc Overview 05/22/14 12:44PM 1 Approved
428525 The New 52 Concept Overview 05/08/14 03:30PM 1 Approved
421362 All-New Marvel NOW! Concept Overview 04/29/14 08:42PM 1 Approved
421361 All-New Marvel NOW! Concept Overview 04/29/14 08:41PM 1 Approved
165309 Wolverine Volume Overview I added the Wolverine by Greg Rucka Ultimate Collection to the collected editions since it has the first 19 issues of the series. We already have Enemy of State Ultimate Collection and the Mark Millar Omnibus. 07/27/13 11:30PM 4 Approved
165280 Wolverine Volume Overview I reordered the collected editions. I put The Wolverine by Mark Millar Omnibus under the Enemy of the State: Ultimate Collection. 07/27/13 10:35PM 1 Approved
146327 Reverse, Part 2 Issue Overview This issue is part of the Reverse story arc. Even the story title says Reverse so figure it should have it listed. 07/13/13 12:27AM 2 Approved