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Trinity War Ends! 0

Justice League #23 is the final part to the crossover called Trinity War. The story itself is just awesome. Each individual issue was good to read but for now I'll focus on Part 6. This issue answers a few questions that have been going through are heads like: Who is the outsider, what cause Superman to kill Doctor Light, and what does Trinity refer to? During the course of this issue we see the 3 Justice Leagues fight each other, how the Outsider got to where he is today and see Ivan Reis draw ...

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The Beginning of a new era for Spidey 0

As everyone knows, Spidey has gone through some big changes after Amazing Spider-Man 700. This is shows the beginning of Superior Spider-Man's career. I won't spoil to much, but the main story is about the Superior Spider-Man going up against a new Sinister Six.The story was interesting. This issue and the series is going to be showing a different take on Spider-Man. This Spidey will be a lot more serious, so you won't be seeing him make a lot of jokes. He'll only make one joke, but other than t...

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The end of the First year of Justice League 0

This issue of Justice League was amazing. Geoff Johns and Jim Lee make an awesome team. This issue is part four of the Villain's Journey Story Arc. The villain of the story arc is David Graves who first appeared in Justice League issue 6. In the DC Universe, Graves is a known for writing about some mythology such as writing a book about Atlantis being a real place and for writing the book JUSTICE LEAGUE: GODS AMONG US. Graves sees the league as gods since the Justice League saved his family duri...

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