Favorite Marvel Characters

This is a list comprised of my favorite Marvel Characters. Keep in mind this list is incomplete and as for the order it's not set. Just because Captain America or Thor is towards the bottom for the moment doesn't mean that's their place on the list. I just haven't decided on their place on the list yet.Thor could go from 12 to 7 if I feel his place in the 7th spot. Some characters on here can be considered villains but they have been a Hero or an Anti-Hero at some point.

What gets the character on the list is:

1. I like the character.

2. I like the way they are portrayed in other media like movies, the shows or video games.

3. How the character is written during a certain run on a series.

This list was originally just Marvel Heroes and Anti-Heroes and another list with just villains but I decided to combine the two lists.

List items

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