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Justice League Part 1 & Part 2? I wonder what's going to happen in those movies. Cool that they have a bunch of movies lined up. I'm excited for most of them. I hope the movies are good. As long as the movie has a nice balance of an interesting story and action I should be fine. I just hope Green Lantern is better than the other Green lantern movie. I hope they have movies where the heroes team-up in a movie like Flash/Green Lantern or a Trinity Movie. Now I think about it, Wonder Woman is going to be in Batman v Superman, I'm wondering how big her role in the movie is going to be. Or if it's just a cameo.

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What has been some of your favorite Marvel events that Marvel has released? Doesn't matter if it involved the whole Marvel universe like Civil War or just a big story for a character like Death of Wolverine or Spider-Island or a team event like Battle of the Atom, what have been your favorite events & crossovers?

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If you can recommend any 5 marvel story lines that you believe a person should read which stories would you recommend?

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Wow. I thought Cap 3 was going to be about something else. But basing it on Civil War that's surprising. I figure that was being saved for an Avengers movie but thinking how some of the villains in the Avengers movie are pretty big bad guys like Loki, Ultron, Thanos in Avengers 3 I think. I can see how it can work out. Is Cap 3 the first of the phase three movies?

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Interesting pairing up the X-Men with the GotG. I know Bendis is writing both titles so I shouldn't be surprised that they crossover but yet I am. I'll check this out, even though I don't read anything GotG normally.

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I might check his out along with Spider-Gwen.

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Ok this should be interesting. I have no idea what's going on now. Maybe it's a civil war involving alternate versions of characters that were in Secret Wars?? Last I checked Cap is old, Iron Man is wearing a white armor and Spidey was fighting Morlun with alternate versions of himself. I figure they give Falcon being Cap a good 2 years or maybe 20 something issues.

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I'M AM EXCITED FOR THIS! I made an account with netflix to see this show! Well it's one of the reasons. It's in the top 5 reasons why I made an account.

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I'm looking forward to this. This looks awesome!

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I'm really excited for Arrow & The Flash.