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I have watched a number of comic book shows and there some shows I love, some I like, some I'm kind of borderline about and one's that I don't really care for. As far as live-action shows are concerned I love Smallville, Arrow, The Flash and animated shows, Superman, Batman Beyond, Justice League, Young Justice, Batman, and Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes. I liked the Spider-Man animated series and a few other shows. I'm on the fence about Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D., Ultimate Spider-Man, and Costantine. and I stop caring for Gotham weeks ago. Couldn't keep me hooked. Overall I'm glad to see comic book shows showing up.

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I am really excited for the next Avengers movie and I want to read some stories featuring Ultron. So if anyone can recommend any must read Ultron stories to me I would greatly appreciate it.

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I was just thinking of about having other movies being made about having other characters take the spotlight aside from Batman and Justice League. Don't get me wrong I like the movies but I like a little variety too. Here's at least 5 characters I want see with their own animated movies.

  1. Green Arrow: I think he deserves to have his own animated movie.
  2. Green Lantern: I know he already has a couple animated mvoies but I think he deserves to get another movie to himself.
  3. The Flash: Flash was the main focus of Flashpoint Paradox and I think he deserves to have his own movie with just his name like The Flash: City of Apes or The Flash: Rogues' Revenge
  4. Shazam: He was a part of Justice League War I think it's time he got his own movie. Base it off of the back-up stories in Justice League to give people an idea how Shazam became Shazam.
  5. Wonder Woman: The lady deserves another movie to herself. She has one. Batman has a lot and Superman has a good number under his belt. Give the lady her own movie!

As far as teams go I think Teen Titans could be interesting. Team-up movies could be interesting too. Here's one I would like to see. A team up movie between either Green Lantern and Flash or Green Lantern and Green Arrow or maybe do a movie with Green Lantern, The Flash, and Green Arrow. Could be interesting.

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1. Who do you think would win in a battle between The League of assassins and the Talons?

2. In your guys opinion what are the qualities of a great villain?

3. Have you ever bought a few trades when they first came out and then later bought a bigger trade that was the first three trades in one book? Let's say for example you bought the first three trades of X-O Manowar when they came out. Then Valiant announced the first 14 issues are being collected in one hardcover. Then you bought the hardcover because you wanted all 14 issues in one book even though they are in three trades you own. Have you ever done this before? If yes then what did you do with your old trades, did you keep them or did you get rid of them?

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I like these covers. They're awesome.

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Wow I'm really surprised they're ending so many titles. The 3 Green Lantern titles that are ending really surprised me. Maybe DC will launch a book with just the Earth Lanterns?

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I'm excited for this episode. Seeing Reverse Flash should be cool. I figured it was Wells after the first episode. But seeing that image kinda threw that theory out the window. Maybe it is someone from the future or maybe they made a new Reverse Flash.

I noticed that the first season of the CW DC shows have the hero's main nemesis being the main antagonist of the first season. Merlyn being the main villain for the first season of Arrow, and it's kind of looking like Reverse Flash is going to be the main antagonist for the first season of The Flash.

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Sounds interesting. I'll be checking it out for sure.