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I'm looking forward to this event. I LOVE Rick Remender's stuff from Uncanny X-Force & Uncanny Avengers. I haven't read his Cap stuff yet. I tend to look forward to events that come out of series I have been really enjoying like Trinity War, Forever Evil. I really want to see Magneto kick Red Skull's butt in Axis.

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I am looking forward to these series. I'm curious about this new Thor, interested to see Falcon as Captain America, & Iron Man becoming Superior.

I never had an interest in Falcon because I never, from what I recall, never read any stories that he was a part of. Well not 616 Falcon anyways. I read Hickman's Ultimates and Falcon looked interesting. I like the character in The Winter Soldier. So seeing him as Captain America should be interesting to see.

Thor being a female should be interesting. I am curious to see what happens to Odinson since he has become UNWORTHY. I want to know what cause him to become UNWORTHY.

Iron Man becoming Superior should be cool to see.

So a few things I want to know. Is the Avengers roster going to be smaller again, what is the Uncanny Avengers roster going to be looking like with Steve Rogers being old, Thor using his Axe & Wolverine dead, & what will Axis do to the Marvel Universe. Oh and what happens when Time Runs Out.

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I thought the Mandarin came back and took over Iron Man. I like the Armor looks cool.

The Avengers NOW is that what the book is called of what they're calling the next phase of Marvel NOW? I was reading on about Bendis taking the X-Men book to a new direction or something. So when that happens can we expect a X-Men NOW? & Possibly a Spider-Man NOW after Spider-Verse?

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This should be interesting. So it's Falcon being Captain America. So Captain Falcon?

I want to see Captain Falcon fight Sam Wilson. If Sam Wilson does a Falcon Punch & says Falcon Punch I'm going to lose it.

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Axis for sure. Looking forward to Spider-Verse. There is a number of other books I'm looking forward to like Winter Soldier. How come Iron Man and Iron Patriot aren't in the solicits? I know Iron Man is in Axis but I wonder is something going to happen to him? Well after Spider-Verse and Axis, Time Runs Out in 7 Months. So we have that to look forward to as well.

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Uh ok, this could be interesting. I like the image of the new Thor. Looks cool.

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I'm Super freaking excited for the Superman Unchained Deluxe Hardcover. Also Super excited excited for Superman, the Doomed Aftermath, Batman: Endgame, Batman Eternal, The Green Lantern Crossover, The Flash vs. Future Flash, The Justice League book catching up. I'm curious about Green Arrow & I'm wondering why the current creative team is leaving, also hoping Batman/Superman will catch up, isn't that book behind. I'm also excited for Deathstroke, the Earth 2 books, Grayson & Future's End. Shame to see the current creative team on Wonder Woman go. & Also looking forward to Batman & Robin & a few other books.

I am curious about a couple things but the my main curiosity is if the next Batman arc is called Endgame does that mean Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo run is coming to an end or does it tie into Batman Eternal or what? Like I said I'm excited, but I'm just wondering of we should start preparing for the end of something great.

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I need to Identity Crisis just for that third issue. Looks good. I have read the New 52 Deathstroke series. I really liked Kyle Higgins' & Justin Jordan's run with Deathstroke. Oh & I need to read all the other old Deathstroke stories.

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This looks interesting. I like the X-23 cover. I want to see the Daken cover.

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@the_tree said:

Kot and Rudy working on the Winter Soldier?

Never has this been more appropriate.

What he said!