Knightfall & No Man's Land Trades

I recently discovered on Amazon that DC Comics is rereleasing The No Man's Land and Knightfall stories and that they would contain issues that were not in the orignal collected editions. I am wondering are they going to release the collected editions to have all the issues that were involved or not? No Man's Land has or is going to be releasing 3 new collected editions so far. The three have almost every signal issue that is involved. SO will they release a fourth volume containing the remaing issues?

Knightfall had three volumes but didnt have all the issues collected. Next Month they will rerelease Knightfall and Knightquest and later in the year they will releaase Knightsend. I was looking what they might have or will have and notice that they wont have some of the issues that was previously collected.

So I was wondering, is it a typo, like in the War of the Green Lanterns that I found or what? Is it a good idea or a bad idea to collect both the old or new? Or if you had the old editions to buy the new editions?

Posted by batshrine

They will release a 4th edition in august ish for No Man's Land.

As far as issues that weren't previously collected there is just shadow of bat #16, otherwise every issue will be collected. Troika will also be missing, but the prodigal will be included in KnightsEnd

Posted by htb106

no mans land is really big

Posted by DarkChris

I have No Man's Land vol.1 (the new edition). Indeed, it's huge. 500+ pages. Volume 2 is 500+ pages too. And they are really cheap for so much content.