Just Wondering about a couple things.

In the New 52, they released a lot of different comic books. Some are good and some are bad and others can use some work. Some of the good ones are (Keep in mind, I'm listing a few examples, if I don't list all of them, my bad): Action Comics, Justice League, Batman, Green Lantern, and Batman and Robin. Some of the bad ones: The ones being canceled. Some that can use some work: Superman, Detective Comics maybe, and Red Lanterns. I haven't read all of them but I'm pretty sure that they could use some works. I think it sucks that some are the titles are being cancelled. I don't read them personally only cause the characters don't really appeal to me or aren't interesting to me. But I think that the titles that are scoring average could possibly need a new writer or come up with a new concept to make it appealing so the sales for the books can be higher.

Superman for example, its about him fighting different aliens. I personally think they could of tweaked the story and made it so Superman can feel more accepted. It would make more sense for Superman to be outcasted during his origins and probably much later in his hero career after he becomes one of the world's greatest heroes. For example, Superman is outcasted at first but after doing some heroic things and saves Earth from Brainiac and Darkseid, he becomes more accepted to society.After like 10 years, something happens to him and it causes him to attack and nearly kill an important figure in the government. After he regains his senses, people start to not trust Superman and lose faith in him. This came to mind when I remembered the Superman: Animated Series and the Justice League cartoon. He becomes very respected in the animated Universe but after being brainwashed by Darkseid at the end of the series, people start to fear him and in Justice League Unlimited, they had a very powerful weapon on their base. Lex Luthor hacked the system and made the gun fire at Cadmus. The world began to wonder can the League be trusted. They were no fatalities but a lot of people were injured due to the shockwave.

This is just a thought. Its not the greatest but its something. I think when a great characters comics does average to bad, I think its kinda on the writer. They have good ideas but I think its how they're executed is whats can cause some problems. Like the end of Fear Itself for istance or the entire event. Some mini-series had interesting ideas but they were just executed a little badly.

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@saoakden: well, they are restarting the ENTIRE universe, so some problems can be expected