Hal Jordan's History

Hal Jordan is one of my favorite DC Comic characters & my favorite Green Lanterns.

Now I'm probably not the only one who's thinking this, but What has happened to Hal's history? Is the Secret Origin stroyline in contiunity, or his time During being Parallax. Plus is any of Green Lantern comics that started in 2005 still part of the offical storyline or they said the hell with it?

Plus how much time passes in comics? Its 2011 now but some comics say like one week later after a big storyline so whats the deal?

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Posted by MetropolisKid41

Good questions, so far it seems, and from all the indications we've got so far from interviews and such the Green Lantern Property is esentially untouched. The continuity is all the same and totally unchanged from before the relaunch until after. Hal as Parallax, Kyle as the Torchbearer and ION, Rebirth, GLC Recharge, Sinestro Corps War, Blackest Night, and War of Green Lanterns all still happened and are in continuity in the New 52 DCU. The only thing that seems to have changed as far as it affects Hal is his first encounter with the Justice League and how he first met all of the other heroes in the DC Universe. Otherwise the major plot points and events in the GL Mythos and regarding Hal's past should be the same. The only thing that hasn't been really stated is if Zero Hour (where Hal as Parallax attempts to remake the multiverse as he sees fit) is still in play or not. Hope that helps, I guess they could reveal something to counter some of that down the road but for now at least it seems that Johns entire run on the book is still part of continuity and happened. Hope that helps.

Posted by RazzaTazz
@MetropolisKid41: From what I have read so far I would agree with this, especially with Carol Ferris in the first issue of GL saying she hasn't put the ring on in a while, suggesting that she is still the Queen of the Star Sapphires.  Also pretty sure Kyle and Soranik are no longer romantically involved so it would all make sense that the continuity here was mostly untouched. 
Posted by fury714

Was zero hour counted as a major DC Crisis event or no?

Posted by MetropolisKid41

Yeah I believe so, but it is has always been overshadowed, especially since Infinite Crisis was touted as the sequel to Crisis on Infinite Earths. But the full title was Zero Hour: Crisis in Time, and when it came out it was stated that it was the sequel to Crisis on Infinite Earths and Armaggedon 2001. And it did once again change some origins and clean up some continuity holes and conflicts that had popped up in the 8 years since Crisis on Infinite Earths. Now Didio said that the Crisis Events happened on some level but didn't happen as we know it for every single character, in other words the events happened but may have impacted certain characters differently. So who knows if all or any of Zero Hour is still in play. I can see the only impact really being that Hal attempted to warp reality and that's it. Hawk & Dove had a pretty significant role in that event, I'm not reading their book, but maybe it references Zero Hour? Also you may remember from Zero Hour that a non handicapped never injured Barbara Gordon is pulled in, I think it'd be cool if they tied that into the new "miraculously healed" Barbara Gordon in the New 52.

Posted by batfan916

the only thing that doesn't fit is Brightest day/blackest night a lot of characters are still just meeting/forming yet the 4 element heroes who came back to bring old swampy back to life have new origins and are just now coming together. I think it was like what 12 heroes and villians who came back yet a lot of them arent even established yet or have a different origin.

  • Jade still fits continuity
  • Hawkman Haven't read his comic so not sure if his history is untouched. But as one of the elements I know wasnt mentioned yet.
  • Aquaman So far fits continuity but where is aqualad?
  • Martian Manhunter Has never met the green lanterns so how can he have been one of the elements?
  • Hawk I wont even mention this trash of a series but sounds like the events of brightest day still happened.
  • Boston Brand sounds like its following post brightest day seeing how he and dove are still dating.

in nut shell how could brightest day still happened yet a few of these loopholes?