Alternate Universes

I've been watching some videos on youtube and looking up comics that take place in an alternate universe. Some are popular and some could use some work and others shouldn't have been written. I think its interesting to see how different a character would be in an alternate universe. For example, Superman, being a heroic and back in the day a guy who wouldn't kill, fighting for truth, Justice, and the american way. In an another Universe, he is an evil dicator that everyone fears. His name is Ultraman and is probably the one thing that can piss off Superman quicker than Lex Luthor capturing Lois Lane. Ultraman is an example of what Superman could of become if he thought of himself as a god among men. I know with Superman, a common thought has been, what if Superman didn't land near the Kents and the Kents took him in. In Superman: Red Son, he lands in Russia and in Flashpoint, he is the government's test subject.

Even if they're are alternate versions of that hero or villain, they aren't always the same person. Heres what I mean. Spider-Man for istance is Peter Parker in the mainstream comics. HOWEVER in recent events in the Ultimate Universe, Peter Parker was killed and a young boy named Miles Morales took his place. Even in the future Spider-Man of 2099 is Miguel O'Hara. Some of theses Spider-men have interacted with each other, but in video games like Shattered Demension and Edge of Time. Which had Amazing and 2099 in both games and Noir and Ultimate is in Shattered Demenision, but with other Spider-Men appearing as an alternate costume.

So i was thinking, if they're is an alternate universe in reality, what it be like? Would it be in World War III, the Cold War, the year being 2012 but the technology being so far advanced. Would certain events would have happen or not? What do you guys think about it?

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