Grosse Pointe

Just finished watching Grose Pointe. I can not believe that show got canceled. It's definitely one of the most awesome series I've seen, and the cliffhanger ending was such a downer... :(
Started reading Mad Magazine. Well, actually I read only one number. Still don't know how I feel about it. There are some nice jokes, and then there are some... awkward ones. Will try reading more.

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Barb love

Just finished editing the Barbie page. Not sure if I didn't went a bit overboard... but what can I do - I love Barbie.
Also, got Tactical Nuke and Major Fan quests. Yay!



I have a cold again. Weather is awful. It's been raining all day ):  I should probably get out a bit, but all I wanna do now is sit home and watch second season of Fringe. Peter = <3
I was watching Sandcastles in the Sand again today, and it reminded me how much I wanted Cobie to play Wonder Woman. She's be perfect.

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How I hate it when people... me, and even though they clearly have the wrong number, try to convince me that they don't. I mean, if this was really neurology you'd think that I'd know. What possible reason would one have to lie about that??
BTW, dropping The Event and Hawaii five-0. The Event is obviously another marketing ploy - a show that keeps you watching in hope that maybe in the next episode they'll reveal what's the plot. And Hawaii is just boring. I like the opening credits, though, as I did back when I was a kid.

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Three things I want the most... my tv shows and movies:
- dramatic collision of characters
- dark humor and/or making fun of pop culture
- over the top storylines (a la Glee & Popular)
Basically, what I like is snarky improbable angst. LOL me.


Britney/Britanny music

Just heard all of the songs that will be featured in BB episode of Glee. Toxic and Hit Me Baby sound the best, and I'm sure Heather's songs will be a pleasure to look at. I'm kinda disappointed Oops is not in the episode. Maybe it will be in some other? I was hoping Quinn would sing it...


TV propects 2010

New shows I'm already watching and the ones I'm looking forward to:
1. Hellcats - Not just a show about cheerleaders, even though routines are awesome. It feels like Dawson's creek in a way, and is a completely different experience than Gossip Girl or 90210


2. Nikita - I always loved Nikita. So when I heard they are replacing Peta with an asian actress I was annoyed. Maggie has, however, turned out to be an awesome kick-ass replacement.  Plot makes sense so far, and Lyndsy is awesome as Nikita's protege Alex. 



3. No ordinary family - To be honest as much as I'm attracted to a concept of superpowers, I hate family shows. (As in shows who feature whole families - for example Parenthood) But fabulous Autumn Reeser is breaking the tie for me. I'll watch anything as long as she's in it.

4. Hawaii Five-0 - I'll be watching this only for the cast. If it doesn't keep my attention past episode 3, I'll probably drop it. I kinda liked watching original when I was little, though.
5. The Event - Okay, I'll probably not be watching this past the first episode, but i really have to see whether NBC can deliver. They've been hyping this show so much anything short of awesome will lose them loads of audience. BTW, I have no idea what's this show about. 
Well, that's about it. In next blog I'll write about returning shows I'll watch this season. Why the heck not, it's not like I have anything better to do anyway.