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My favorite character is Emma Frost. I'm willing to ship her with almost anyone/everyone, but I prefer her to be with Scott.

I hate Wolverine. I dislike Batman, and most of his major overused villains, but I love extended Batfamily, especially Kate, Damian and Cass.

My favorite runs are Ellis' Nextwave, PAD's X-Factor (modern one), Vaughan's Runaways and Morrison's New X-Man and 52. Favorite graphic novel Rucka's Hiketeia. Also love: collections of X-Men stories like Nation-X and Unlimited, Fables, Unwritten, NYX and Academy X and related young mutants stories.

I hate Gail Simone. Also Bendis. I wish Wanda would jump realities and kick his ass with that kooky, disappearing Chaos magic.

Hope is a manipulative brat. I hope someone kills her in AvsX. Also, X should go before A considering they are 10 times stronger. X-Men could kick Avengers collective butts with just a half of the Extinction team.

My comic book ships: Emma/Scott, Layla/Madrox, Batwoman/Question, Fem!Loki/Doom, Northstar/Bobby, Wonder Woman / Batman, Zatanna/Constantine, Freefall/Grunge, Ravager / Kid Devil, Beast/Brand, Nico/Alex, X-23/Kidden, Monet/Guido, Magma/Mephisto, Scarlet Witch / Captain America, Cinderella/DG

Ongoings I follow (kinda)(mostly)(not really up-to-date on most): Wonder Woman, Justice League, Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor, Invincible, Fables, iZombie, New Mutants, Farscape.