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Do you really want a Superman that plays the "friend" game?  Do you really want a Superman that pines for the girl he "can't have"?  Do you really want a mopey Man of Steel?  Personally, fiction is an escape from reality, not a reminder of it's occasional harsh truths.  I don't want heroes Joe Average can see himself as, I want heroes that inspire.  Feeling empathy for a character is one thing, watching them be subject to banal experiences just for the sake of humanizing them is another.  I am not saying "Clark has to be with Lois." I am saying if Clark and Lois are no longer being written as a couple, then have Clark go in a different direction as well.   To separate them just to put them together again is a cop out, and to just have him pine in the distance forever is pathetic.

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We're discussing comics, so anything is possible.  I think the more salient question is whether Thomas Wayne "surviving" Flashpoint and entering the DCnU will sell more books, even in the short run.  As several have noted above, the very core of Bruce Wayne as Batman is to prevent the horror he suffered, witnessing his parents murder, doesn't happen to someone else.  If Thomas survives, part of that grief that drives Bruce could be lost.  However, if this is more of a "Dark Beast" situation than "survived the Joe Chill encounter", then there is the possibility for Bruce to grow from seeing his "father " be a cold, calculating, driven brute.  Maybe a "living" Thomas Wayne can make Bruce Wayne a better Batman, by showing him the one thing nobody else has been able to, that being that single mindedly driven is not always good.  Pretty good lesson to learn from a father, no?
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How many times has Marvel "cured" and re-paralyzed Xavier?  Arguably, when they first gave him back use of his legs (via a "cloned" body) after the first Brood story arc, that was a bigger "slap" than this would be as Professor X had been in a wheel chair from his first appearance - something that was as much a part of his character as his telepathy - but Claremont ran with it by showing how he and his team had to adjust to his new more "active" role.  These are stories, and like all stories, they can either be well told or poorly told.  I'll go in with an open mind, whatever path they take (magic cure, cybernetics, history wipe, etc) it will either be told well, and it will be interesting, or it will be told poorly, and people will be angry for all sorts of reasons.
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My sole thought is, just how many beings weilding the "most powerful weapon in the universe" is too many?  Given the number of lanterns that have either simply gone "off the reservation" or completely turned against the forces of good, is more really better? 
Just my $0.02.
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@SupremoMaximo said:
"  His genius-level intellect would remain a constant, though"

I seem to remember a story arc in early X Factor, where Beast lost the fur, but then he became as dumb as someone from Yancy Street.

I was about to comment on the same arc.  If I recall correctly, he contracted a virus from some Mutant Villainess du jour which caused him to get dumber every time he used his enhanced strength, until finally he was little more than a brute.  The process was reversed, I think, by him intercepting the same Villainess from attacking Iceman, but a side-effect was the return of his blue fur.
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That Namor swim-suit drawing is ... disturbing.
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A Cassandra Nova return would be interesting only to the extent that Xavier's reputation and position amongst mutants/X-Men is drastically different than when she was last seen.  Her origin story, that Xavier "killed her in self defense" in the womb could now be attacked.  Given everything that Charles has either admitted to, or has been "caught" doing, is it so assured that it was "self defense" as opposed to "a good offense as a best defense"?  There are writing possibilities with a Cassandra Nova return, I guess is my point.
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I don't think anything could top that issue for "what the hell were they thinking?" value.

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Those pants were pretty bad ...

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This should be ... uh ... interesting?
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