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Mass summons,, and 1000 Shadow clones all doing Rasengan will be enough for Naruto to take the majority. Luffy will probably never be able to find/hurt the real one.

Pretty sure naruto doesnt have the amount of chakra for 1000 resengan's and 3000 clones (3 clones to make resengan).

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Interesting fight. Feat wise zoro wins. If Erza was written a tad differently she would win.

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" Nmae one way in which the Witch King would even get close to Dumbledore.The witchking was defeated by a female women. "

As opposed to a male woman?...

Male women and female men actually do exist, or at least the terminology does.

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I agree Rose should take this. The arrow restriction hurts hawkeyes way to much here, especially since trick arrows are kind of his thing.

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Okay so I didn't read everyone's post but I figured I would say how I think the battle goes.

Fight starts and batman goes for cover and cyclops shoots an optic beam at him missing.

Batman continues to hid in cover and takes out the street lamps while noting cyclops narrow beam.

Batman realizes it would probably be wise to lure cyclops into an alley where he can get the jump on him and take him out via h2h combat. (All this time cyclops has continued to take shots at where he thinks batman is and continues to use narrow beam as is characteristic of him).

Batman lures cyclops into an alley(cyclops realizes what is going on as he is a tactician as well) and batman gets a jump on cyclops. But cyclops is fast/agile enough that he is grazed / dazed by the hit.

At this point I would say is where one would argue. I think cyclops would be able to survive an initial assault by batman and be pretty much 30%. Others might say batman takes him.

If cyclops survives initial assault he then surprises batman by lighting up the entire alley and taking the alley and batman out w/ a concussive force (not deadly) blast.

I feel that since this is in character cyclops would have to be at 30%'ish strength wise to want to use such a wide range and destructive blast. But if he was put on the ropes he would.

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I'm still not sure where this proof of bella and edward is faster than selena is coming from, is there a novel or book where I am to find this? I watched the speed video posted on page 1 and it showed nothing impressive enough to show that they are definitively faster than selena at all.

@azorahai said:

untrained vampires? You think the Cullen are untrained? How do you explain Jasper training all of them in hand to hand combat? Who was an army major at 17 in the Confederate Army? How are you going to catch someone you can't even see?

Compared to selena and blade they are untrained. Blade hunts vampires as a job. Selena is a death dealer whose job is to apparently hunt werewolves and possibly vampires alike.

Before selena got the blood of the all father or whatever she would put up a fight but would get bested by speed. Since her upgrade I see no reason why she shouldn't be able to take them with her skills and speed.

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I wish i knew more about Winchester brothers ... b/c custer is rarely used in battles.

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King should take this ... but i hope he has the heart to spare poor kimberly!!

  • King Ghidorah flies at the speed of Mach 3.
  • King Ghidorah is able to fire Gravity beams from his mouths.
  • King Ghidorah is able to create hurricane winds from his wings.
  • King Ghidorah uses his necks to constrict an opponent.

And apparently he has some kind of field where he can pull you to him if he wants. Nothing from that era of power rangers is going to touch the King.

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Bruce Lee > Jet Li > Jackie Chan in fighting.

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I'm confused on how hulk was weak in Avengers. Nothing hurt him. He was "bothered" by being shot but not hurt. He also did mass damage ...