Stack Rundown 2/17/13

Welcome to my stack run down. These are a few of the Comics I've been reading this week and my thoughts on them. There will be Spoilers.

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So, here we go:

Batman 17.

Hmm....Without going in to this too much as it has been talked to death; I enjoyed the art. Very much. I understand what the issue was going for and I understand the arc as a whole, however, I am in the camp that feel that the ending was a little flat. I'm not saying I wanted someone to die, neither am I saying I wanted Bruce to kill the Joker, however I was left wanting...More. That is all.

Uncanny X-Men 1.

I don't like the new uniforms? But I am interested in where this is going. I do not believe Magneto is betraying Scott. This book has a completely different feel to the other X-Men books and that is worrying. Not because I think the direction is bad, but I am someone who WANTS Scott to be the new Antagonist for the Mutants. Him getting his own book changes that.

Invincible 60.

I am now up to Invincible issue 60. Holy Cow. I love this book it is fantastic and it actively makes you WISH the big two could do stuff to there own "franchise" characters (i.e Kill them off.) and have it permanent. Damn you Jason Todd and Bucky Barns. You coming back changed the Status Quo.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 9.

MY GOD. The whole reincarnation angle. Brilliant, this is become less a nostalgic "Oh this is great!" to a genuine interest in this book. Oh and, Shredder! Hell Yeah!!

Flashpoint 1-5

I never read Flashpoint. I wiki'd it, sure, but as recently I became really Interested in "Out of Continuity" stories and read a bunch (Kingdom Come, Red Son, Old Man Logan, The Dark Knight Returns.) I wanted to read this. It was okay, not great. Kinda of touching the whole Barry giving up his Mum to save millions. I dig.

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