Stack Rundown 2/12/13

Hey guys. This is my random ramblings about book's I have been reading. I don't know if this segment will be weekly or Bi-Weekly or whatever. It's my blog, I can do what I WANT!!!....Ahem: Comment. Follow. Don't Comment. Don't Follow. Cheers.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 and 3:

Awesome! I love this book! While the first issue was a little bit slower, these two issues are friggin awesome and I wish I would have read 1-3 all together before writing about them. We get to see the Turtles Origin, are introduced to the plethora of supporting cast very quickly, which was great. We get some nice action and finally some expansion on why the villain hates the turtles. There were some interesting moments between Donnie, Leo and Mickie. It shows the dynamic that I remember from the TV Show all those years ago are still relevant.

What started out as being a nostalgic ride for me has turned into something I find myself committing too. I turned (clicked) each page with increasing excitement, becoming more invested in the story rather than feeling "YAH TURTLES!!" and I guess that is exactly what the book is designed to do, grab people who loved the Tv Show when they were little (as well as young readers who are watching/have watched the shows these days.) and suck them back. It's worked. Fantastic.

Punk Rock Jesus 1:

PRJ has been all the rage. I'm going to be honest. I wasn't interested until Sean Murphy was on the Comicvine podcast. I'm glad I checked it out. His art is brilliant and the story gets you thinking. I like how, obviously, all the elements of the debate of not just cloning but of Jesus and religion are touched upon. The religious zealot on the TV made me laugh. I do wish this was in colour. I hope Murphy goes back and colours it himself for a super-duper hardcover edition at some point.

The thing that interested me the most though was the IRA spin. I'm from England and grew up watching the IRA threats boil over and then simmer down. I'm intrigued to see where this character develop and what parts of the IRA ideologies weave into the character and the story.

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