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Tidus. His voice actor was a complete fail. Sounded like his balls hadn't dropped.

I liked the game a lot (Final Fantasy X), but it made for a weird gaming experience because I was constantly getting annoyed by my own character when he chose to speak.

Yeeeeeeeah. I second this. I remember this scene too, I tried to chalk it up with japan being all japany but it still bugs me when I remember it. Mostly because my family was in the front room for this cut scene and they pretty much side eyed the hell out of me for the rest of the year.

On that note.


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I never could hop on the avengers fandom, I think I enjoyed seeing Black Widow from time to time in the movie, but I thought Loki sucked. I don't know why women find that extreme receding hairline so attractive. It's like one hundred rabbits stood in a straight line and took one step back.

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I find it hard to believe that a lot of people here are stating that they don't look to comics for a good read. Some of you have even went so far to say that you want to escape reality with it and while I get what's being said its just hard to really understand that frame of mind. I think some of the best stories contain realistic elements that keep the story grounded - for the most part DC is based off of Earth, a modern look (unless you go sci-fi, etc) but the only thing different is the superheros that are present. Most authors draw their superheroes in a setting of events that take place in real and add their own spin and approach on it.

And you can't really escape reality without being able to relate to a character - that's why we have favs today because the character responds to certain situations that we too might choose or would like to choose. I can't necessarily become Lizardman but I might be able to relate to his struggles as a scientist, etc, those sort of things.

I dunno, I said all that but I don't have much hope for DC to suddenly start tackling some serious issues when in fact they only write for money. If say there was money to be had at writing comics centered around racism, then you'd start seeing it present itself more seriously.

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@awesam: I can understand wanting to respect the source material, but people get hung up on the littlest things. Unless the next Hulk movie is a family drama about Banner taking up ballet dancing as a form of anger-management therapy, I'm not going to be thrown into a blind rage at any changes. Some things simply don't translate onto the screen well and require re-working.

LAWL. Congrats because now I have that mental image in my head.. Curse you.

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Feeling like a screw up...

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Mm. Smells intense in here, well I want to jump on this bandwagon and say...

Dean Winchester, the character, not the actor lol since I have no idea how the actor really is in person, but I like Dean. And yeah I'd like to just date, I dunno about making a full commitment. ._.

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Yeah, I know what you mean. I think I recall an episode from the Simspons when a new comic book shop had opened up right across the old comic book shop and was putting the old one out of busy. There was a lot of hype but part of one of the catch phrases was that "they weren't mean" and other stuff like that.

As for what the original poster said, I hope some people can get off the butthurt witch hunt that seems to be a growing trend of 'that's sexist or not'. Some people read way too deep into context and stuff. I agree, I wish there were a lot of females who read comics because it would help churn out a lot of female writers and ideas. And honestly a different gender can bring something different to the table. I think a lot of it though just steams from the fact that comics are not mainstream [ certain superhero characters are ] but I mean there's not a ton of comic shops, so its still a niche market. I know a lot of fans would just die if others knew and liked what they liked, suddenly they are not the 1%. But really if your a fan and enjoy the series, you should enjoy it regardless of who likes it and who doesn't.

So being that there's a niche and seeing as you still have elite fans and a lot of unwelcoming shops. Yeah, I think the biggest issue is just bad business practice.

Are all comic book shops like that? No, but there are a lot of 'em.

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They come out as exclusive, but in the end they all become universal.. Look at DMC = Devil May Cry, they remastered the collection in HD for xbox 360, as well as Zone of Enders and a few others. It all comes down to money and playing the market right, pushing a game to be exclusive just amps up the value/desire of said game, but around 4-6 months time its on both platforms.

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I read comics, but nowadays only purchase them online. Honestly, I've had a few bad experiences when I stepped into a comic book shop. I was around 12-14 and would go in there with my mom to buy the packs of Pokemon cards, but a lot of the time I wanted to look around because I'd see spiderman comics, a few other marvel characters and some females that I knew. Needless to say though the shop owner told me to "Hurry up and buy your pokemon cards and get out." I was a kid and didn't say anything (my mom didn't go with me that day), but it left a bad experience for me. I sort of felt like I had no business going in there. By the time I was in my teens, I visited another local comic shop and would search for manga, but one time a female was working at the clerk so I asked her if she could suggest a comic for me to start. What I got was a drilling in questionaries in which case the manager joined in too, I'm not crazy as I'm into other things like video games and I know if I had went in a game shop and asked them to suggest a game, they'd have done the same. It's just that when I didn't know about certain events, they would in turn become super negative and at the end of it said they had nothing to suggest for me, even when I clearly told them I considered myself a beginner.

Nowadays I won't go in a comic shop if I see one unless I'm with a friend who knows their stuff. I think a lot of it has to just do with business tactics, being that its a niche market. I'm pretty thick skinned too, so I can say that it wasn't because I got butthurt. I get that fans of a certain series or thing can be real intense, but if you want females to join you the environment should be as welcome, open and friendly as possible. I'm not saying that all women are gentle sheltered snowflakes, but just be nice to newbs in general. If a female has a good experience and time at your store, she's more likely to bring a friend along and vice versa.

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But when Terminator and the robots became self-aware...