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Personal Info:

Birth Name: Lily Revlonith

Aliases: Sam, Samantha, Samantha Revlon or Miss Revlon

Nicknames: Sam

Identity: Currently under special ops status of M.I.A and K.I.A in a few select countries.

Physical Attributes

Age: 22

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 127 lbs.

Eyes: Coffee

Hair: Long / Raven

Build: Lithe frame with solid to lean muscle.

Race: Peruvian

Outside Listings

Occupation: Merc, Assassin, All-Around Gun for Hire

Place of Birth: Lima, Peru /

Citizenship: Missing

Marital Status: Married


Mother: Unknown believed to be dead

Father: Deceased

Brother: MIA

Religion: Undetermined / Acknowledges higher calling

Affiliations: ex-member of protocol 7, Trinity, current standing with Interpol in Europle / Asia is still listed as ROGUE

Distinguishing Features

Tattoos - N/A

Scars - Two exit wounds from a bullet, right shoulder but they have been skin graphed and only hold a light skin discoloration. Inner right though holds an old knife wound, three inches in length.

Piercings - No piercings

Languages: Born in Peru - speaks a list of fluent Spanish, Latin, Andean, mild-Russian, partial-German and English w/ accent or without. As well as twelve other languages fluently.


Early Life - WIP

Life of a Merc - WIP

WIP // Remainder

Quotes: WIP