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I stopped reading Detective several months ago but seeing the cover today at my LCS piqued my interest so I picked it up. So glad I did. I am not familiar with Manapul & Buccellato's previous work with Flash, so reading this was a welcome surprise both visually and from a story-telling standpoint. Looks like I'm back to reading Detective Comics again for the foreseeable future.

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@noj: Ah... I see. That explains it. I do enjoy Capullo's art and I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

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Cool story but also don't like the interruption of Zero Year. It just seems like a marketing stunt to hype/hawk yet another new Batman title. I'm sure it will be cool but come on DC, I feel like I just spent $4 for you to tell me to go out and buy yet another series. I'd prefer to have spent the money on a book that I've been loyally reading since the first issue - not on an advertisement for a new title.


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I think there have been real-world studies that show people trust and feel more comfortable around people who are similar to them - hence he's showing people the most ideal and trusting person they can imagine, which is themselves. Combine that with the chemicals he apparently gives off, and its likely he's exhibiting an aura that is most appealing to his subject. And I would suspect that all this influence - even the visual - is on a subconscious level, so the person he's trying to influence isn't outright thinking "wow, that person looks just like me. I think I should trust him/her."

So his power isn't intended to "seduce" in most cases, but rather make folks more comfortable around him, and to portray himself as most trustworthy as possible. It's all about his Aura - which really is a fitting codename for him, now that I think about it.

I liked the story and agree it was a nice change of pace. I enjoy a good epic cross-over and on-going story as much as the next comic fan, but sometimes you just want a stand-alone issue that works on character development, and that's what we got here.

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Ah, okay. That makes me feel a little better. I guess its not a big deal unless he's doing all his reading on the toilet.

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Quick question regarding comic shop etiquette: Is it appropriate/acceptable for a comic shop owner to hold copies of certain books the day they come out so he can read them, then put them on the rack afterward?

We got a shop owner here in my town who does this. I don't know why but this really annoys the hell out of me that I might be reading a "second-hand" book. Your thoughts?

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I think for a lot of readers, it depends on when was your 'golden age/era' of reading comics. I did a lot of reading in the 80s so its really no surprise my favorite are Batman: Year One and also Batman: The Dark Knight Return. Killing Joke also deserves strong consideration.

But although Court of Owls is very recent, I understand why it made the top 5. I think Batman: Zero Year is also turning into an instant classic.

It baffles me to see Hush at the top of the list. C'est la vie.

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I just started reading Deadpool last issue. Glad I jumped on when I did.

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This is my favorite comic and this storyline is the best so far of the series.

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Jonah Hex is awesome and just doesn't give a @#$!! Personally I think putting him in Gotham and partnering him with Arkham was a great idea. My favorite series right now.

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