Comic Cover Flashback: January 1983

30 Years Ago this Month

Ah yes, 1983. What a year. It gave us Sally Ride, the compact disc and Return of the Jedi (and, unfortunately Ewoks). It also gave me my first comic. As far as I can tell, the first comic book I can remember buying was in 1983. To celebrate 30th anniversary of collecting comics, I'll feature a different comic book cover each month, from 30 years ago - 1983.

When we get to the first comic I ever purchased, I'll be sure to share which one it was.

January 1983

There was no doubt about which cover to use for this month. In January 1983, one of the more memorable covers of the Marvel Team-Up series came out. Marvel Team-Up no. 128 featured real-life versions of Captain America and Spider-Man. This cover was probably pretty cool and cutting edge for its time (and would not be the last time Marvel published a real-life version of Spidey). Unfortunately, measured by today's standards, it is downright laughable.

Ah, the 80s.

Note: While the month on the cover says "Apr" - this book actually came out in January of that year.

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