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When approaching the Spider-Man mythology and its impact on both the printed page and the silver screen, there is only one little known supporting character I feel deserves a second chance for fame and glory, and that is Easy Reader. Portrayed with impeccable skill and dramatic flair in such masterpieces of '70's intellectual programming as "The Electric Company" and "Spidey Super Stories," Morgan Freeman boldly filled the brightly colored pimp suit of Easy Reader with heroic aplomb. Perhaps most notable for his work as a tough-as-nails beat cop with nothing to lose, Easy Reader helped Spider-man apprehend such twisted and nefarious criminals as The Sack and The Yeti, while easily reading Spidey's word balloon calls and commands:

Last seen in Earth X's Land of the Dead (mourning the loss of his beloved printed word), Easy Reader could easily be read back to our current 616 (or NOW!) timeline with some magic reading by another of Spidey's old pals, Doctor Strange. Easy Reader will fit wonderfully in a modern context: now that the formerly Amazing Spider-man is Superior, Spidey's pal Easy can get a technological upgrade from Peterpus and hit the mean streets once more as E-Reader! Morgan Freeman may once more play tech support for a grumpy, dark hero, and neither Marvel nor The Electric Company will ever be the same!