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Booster Gold!

Animal Man!

Swamp Thing!

Black Lightning!


Power Girl!

Mr. Terrific!


Martian Manhunter


Red Tornado!

All of the above!

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I don't know about this... I really liked Kitty's hooded costume, I thought it was pretty badass. Jimmy's new costume kinda reminds me of sabertooth and bobby's new costume looks a bit like his AoA costume.

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@feargalr: Yeah, that was always one of my favorites.

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This is great. I've been reading it for a while. It's cool that web comics are getting some recognition on Comicvine now.

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What if the series is called Coming Soon? o.O

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Team looks cool though i'll miss Moon Knight.

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Meh. I could really care less. All this stuff with Cable and Hope was cool at first when it seemed to all mean something but over time it's become increasingly obvious that the writers have not been collaborating with each other therefore leading to inconstancies in the story and the looming feeling that they're just making it up as they go. The X-writers should take time to give each event a solid conclusion and follow up on any loose ends before immediately jumping into another just as complex and completely unrelated story arc. Shock value is a valuable tool that when used correctly can hook readers forever but when used too often readers will stop becoming attached to the characters and the story. It's this kind of sloppy storytelling that is loosing them readers.

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I honestly don't usually mind when Marvel renumbers/reboots their series but, Uncanny X-Men is the longest lasting series never to have been rebooted or renumbered. You'd think Marvel would be proud of that. And I really don't like having to differentiate between multiple volumes. When I talk about issue 40 I shouldn't need to be asked "which issue 40?"  Renumbering series doesn't earn Marvel very much. They trade long time fans for a minimal amount new readers and then they compensate for the loss of readers by upping the prices by a buck every 5-10 years.

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@G-Man if this article causes Marvel to reboot i'll kill you in your sleep.

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@Man of Lengend said:

Honestly, I Do Not want them to reboot. Marvel stays fresh, and can stand on its own stories(even if some are hit and miss). Characters change all the time in Marvel, where DC really did need to Reboot to stay relevant for todays reader.