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I am to the point that when I hear some of my friends say something like, "This hail HYDRA stuff needs to stop" it only makes me want to keep doing it even more.

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1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
2. The Avengers
3. Captain America: The First Avenger
4. Thor 2: The Dark World
5. Iron Man
6. Thor
7. The Incredible Hulk
8. Iron Man 2
9. Iron Man 3

That's my list. I feel pretty confident about it.

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Now if any of these were Black Knight...

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Geek chics stuff is nice but if you have good carpenters local you can get that stuff for nearly 3/4 the price sometimes. I am very tempted to pick up that Sex Criminals vol 1. I want to own original art so bad. At heroescon last year Mitch Breitweiser and his wife had some of their original art. My issue is do I get commissions or original art...hard decision to make.

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I really like the Marvel line of shoes that Vans put out.

Also, today's Teefury is pretty great. Bought both of them!

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This repaint doesn't bother me as I would never own an Ultimate Nick Fury figure to begin with. I do prefer the Diamond Select film version of Red Skull, but oddly they are both about the same cost at retail. I think I paid close to $20 for this fig and exactly $20 for the Diamond Select skull.

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Interesting...they are calling back Blade's original costume. I thought Marvel had retconned that out with the last Blade series they had put out. Maybe I am misremembering.

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This feels about right. I love both series and picking between the two seemed impossible, but Hawkeye is much more...charming (?) than Iron First.

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I am giving this title to no more than issue 6 before I drop it. There's potential here, but like most of DC comics right now (my opinion) I find it completely disappointing and boring more than anything.

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Honestly, so hard to choose. These two comics are two of my favorite runs in comic history. I spoke with Matt Fraction at HeroesCon last year about this same thing and how I can't really decide what I've liked better. The "bad" thing is that Fraction's done such a great job that if he actually came off the series (Hawkeye) then I wouldn't mind Marvel ending the comic or at least doing a new #1 for whatever new creative team took on Hawkeye. While not terrible, when Fraction left Iron Fist you could see a serious decline in what made the book special.

Great versus this week.