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I am a Thanos fanboy, but I can't really bring myself to buy this until it hits trade...if my pull list were smaller I'd get it.

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Beta Ray Bill beat Thor without Stormbreaker...think about that. Added with his Asgardianpowers, technological enhancements, AND Stormbreaker and he'd beat Wonder Woman. With Stormbreaker he's moving faster than light, his skin is impervious to any weapon Wonder Woman would attempt to use, and his strength level is literally strong enough to destroy entire planets. Not to mention his super strength, stamina, and more. Think The Terminator if The Terminator also was given the powers of Thor...yeah.

Wonder Woman's good...she's not that good. Beta Ray Bill wins this one, hands down. I don't even think its worth mentioning that "she might be able to lift his hammer". That's way too hypothetical and things that happen in non-canon crossovers is typically said to not count, otherwise Captain America beats Batman and we already know what kind of crap storm any "Batman vs" debate brings down :p

I gotta give this one to BRB. He's simply too power, fast, and resilient for Wonder Woman to beat him without help from a lot of people. Not to mention BRB could take pre-New 52 Superman down easily as well. I'll just leave this image know, where you can imagine BRB just flying to space and destroying whatever planet Diana is on.

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I really like the show but right now its not doing much to differentiate itself from something like the early seasons of Supernatural (before they really jumped the shark).

As much as Johns says we need to stop worrying about these actors showing up in the films: they won't. Just enjoy the TV shows for what they are.

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Hawkeye all the way. Hard to be a badass archer when your knee jerks so hard.

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I have my PS4 special edition version paid off! Cannot wait to pick it up on Tuesday. I wanted to get all the Guardians figures as well but I figure I will have enough to play in the main game for a while.

@zzombie13: He's a timed exclusive. You will be able to buy the figure separately in a month or so post launch.

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I just read this OGN. I feel like the art is...odd. One panel you will have Adam Warlock in one costume, then the next he's in a different, and the next panel its back to the first. Same with Drax, I'm not sure what's going on with that.

Also, are we sure this really takes place in the past? . Early in the book Thanos visits the homeworld of the Badoon, Moord, and he references the events of Infinity and the Badoon going against the Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers. I figured this took place sometime in the future as I remember Starlin talking about having to bring Thanos back, but who knows.

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Already got my PS4 special edition version paid for along with the Guardians playset, Rocket, Groot, and Drax.

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@dondave: Only the digital verison, not print.

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I think its pretty obvious that Bucky will eventually replace Cap, especially with his amazing 9 film deal (which Mackie does not have) and the fact that Marvel played up the massive film deal so much around the time of Winter Soldier's release.

I'd love to see Bucky make a cameo in Avengers: Age of Ultron fighting off some Ultron drones or maybe secretly saving Steve from a few.

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As stuck up as as it might sound, I don't have time for a 3 star film. With how much movie prices are and how little free time I have I can only go see movies I am super hype on or that have amazing word of mouth. Ninja not that film.