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Contemplating on what to eat for brunch.

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<3 I'm glad to see somebody reviewed this. I made a thread about To The Moon the first week it came out, but nobody knew what it was. Easily one of my favorite games. I always cry whenever I play it.

Did you know, it's been hinted River has Asperger's Syndrome? To The Moon mentions an author and if you search him up, he has books on the syndrome? I actually like how River was handled because I have Asperger's myself and could relate to how she was. Especially feeling like her mind was elsewhere.

Gotta see when A Bird Story will be coming out. Cannot wait.

Great review, mate! :)

I've been trying to convince @dragonborn_ct and @bumpyboo to play for quite awhile now. >___> They're missing out on a wonderful gem! =O

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@theamazingspidey: I did! Very insightful! :) So I guess Eli really is Liquid Snake. XD Glad it's basically confirmed then!

Will need to watch Part 2.

Interesting about the soldier kid. I didn't even noticed he's appeared more than once. Would be cool if he was Drebin!

Do you ready any Hiimdaisy MGS by the way? =O

Naked Snake is best with gator hat! He's stylish! :D

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Hah. I didn't know San Andreas is before the previous installments. I just thought it was a spin-off? That's actually really cool. xD

Interesting about CJ. I actually feel bad for him getting caught up in the past. v___v Especially since he cleaned up his act.

Like I said, never really played GTA, but what I played of SA was really fun. Do need to get back into that.

Especially with cheat codes! xD

Lmao. Jetpack FTW!

Great review, mate. :) CV always seems brighter with your blogs. ^___^

And Samuel L. Jackson, he makes everything better! :D

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Posting some fanart if that's alright. :)

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@theamazingspidey: Ah. I do like hand-to-hand combat as well. I forgot since it's been so long, but didn't you get the option of fighting hand-to-hand with Grey Fox? Think there was two ways you could fight him? That one I really liked too.

I heard about that! Actually gonna have to use a guide when Phantom Pain comes out...I want Quiet on my team! xD Sucks how DD can die as well. :,( I must stock up on Phoenix Downs! =O

Yeah, I see what you mean about Hayter. His voice can be comicial at times. =/ I do hope he appears though, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't due to nostalgia.

Didn't notice that actually! =O Does look demonic. 0.o

Am glad we'll be seeing Boss's downfall honestly. Especially since it's been a buildup since MGS 3 with the past.

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Eating candy corns for breakfast...XD Probably not the brightest idea since I'm already laughing like a mad woman!

Let the hyperness commence!

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What the heck?... You haven't watched CA: The Winter Soldier and ASM2?... have you been living under a rock or what? I kid, I kid :P

Uh huh... I'm a hunter and I'm hunting you down #teamfarewellsausage


Hehe, I live under a rock outside of your Mother Base! =O I'm waiting to infiltrate so I can steal your wolf and sheep!

Noooooo! D= I'll take you down! O__O For I am...Rainbow Raccoon! Solid Snake's unknown sidekick. I'm just a secret character in MGS1 that nobody has discovered. =O I'm that good at hiding! XD

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Not gonna lie, I thought he was TheAcidSkull as well when I first saw him. XD

Maybe they're twin brothers! =O From VINE, two SKULLS were born. TheAcidSkull and The...TheBaseSkull! O___O

TheBaseSkull drops it low and gets funky with it!



Hehe, I always have to use a walkthrough for the back of the video game case code or whatever. =/

Boy, Hideo sure knows how to break the forth wall.

Hehe. ^___^ Funny you mention how cool it would be if stealth takedown was added into MGS 1. I think Hideo said Phantom Pain will be his real vision of what he wanted the series to be like? Like, certain features he couldn't add in previous games due to the graphic and hardware limitations?

Not sure if you know, but Hideo originally wanted to be a movie director? Explains the long cutscenes. xD But yeah, whenever I replay MGS, I usually just skip the cutscenes lol.

I'll be honest here, I never really liked Liquid until Eli was revealed for Phantom Pain. Granted, we don't know if it's officially him, but, it seems certain? I mean, David and Eli are Blibical brothers and Eli looks strikingly similar to Liquid? Even has the arrogant demeanor? So I'm a bit excited to see more Eli in Phantom Pain. ^__^ Especially seeing him interact with Boss. I couldn't get into him in MGS 1 for some reason. =/ Not really sure why though.

You know, speaking about MGS' portrayal of female characters, while Meryl is a tomboy, I never liked the romance between her and Snake. =S Kinda felt like she was more in love with how mysterious he was rather than himself?

Favorite MGS lady would be The Boss. ^___^ I like having a middle aged woman who gave birth on the battlefield. And I like Quiet. Her powers seem really cool! xD

Good review, mate! :) I really enjoyed reading this.

And I agree with you about the gameplay. Whenever I replay, I always gotta adjust to the controllers again.