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@saint_sophie: Haha. :D It used to be LiveJournal back in the day for me, but I just don't see anymore avatars on there. :( At least not any recent ones.

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@samimista: LAL. Jokes aside, nice review you got here Sam - love the extreme detail and formatting of it all.

Even if it was like reading an novella. :P

Lmao! Thanks, man. :) I really appreciate it.

I can probably guess, but I'll just ask anyways, were you gonna review any of the new Star Wars comics?

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@samimista: It would have been cool controlling Luna if she were to temporarily join your party.

: O I'm in da game ? *holds up wand*

Oh cool cool I don't play MMOS so of course I didn't know about 14

Hahah! It's you, Kitten! <3

I'm surprised you don't play. I mean, the original XIV was garbage, but it got completely redone. Now, it's a very popular MMO.

I'm getting a PC built really soon, so I might just buy XIV during a Steam sale.

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I haven't been on AnimeVice in a few years (mainly cause the forums seemed rather inactive), but I do remember before @takashichea was even a moderator. Am glad he eventually got chosen as a moderator because I know he genuinely cares about AnimeVice and does a wonderful job with his blogs and watching out for the community.

So, Takashichea, if you're reading this, my heart goes out to you and everyone else on AnimeVice. I really do hope that you end up moderating another community because it's evident that you really care a lot about other people, in my opinion. That's a great quality for a moderator to have.

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I only use Tumblr to steal GIFs and icons.

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Type-0 time~

:D Glad to see somebody else is playing it.

Who's your favorite character so far?

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@theacidskull - Oh no, TAS and Caio are best reviewers on ComicVine! :D I greatly look up to both of you guys.

And wow. Three years already? =O I remember seeing your reviews when you first started out on here! Crazy how long it's been. O__O

You still write comic reviews, by the way? I haven't seen any recently. D:

Hahaha. Thank you. ^__^ Honestly, I'm certain FF XV will at least be just as good as the PS2 FF games. Am just hoping that the writing will be good. Have been skeptical with the localization changes. =/

Gladio and TAS - BFFS! :D

At the very least, I know Gladiolus is Noctis' bodyguard and he does care a lot about his friends. ^__^

@darling_luna - I don't mind it, honestly. I mean, we had X-2 which was all female so why not have an all male cast?

I can see why some people are annoyed with the decision, but there's a chance that we could still get female guest characters in the party. It just sucks that the only character that you can control is Noctis. =/ It would have been cool controlling Stella/Luna if she were to temporarily join your party.

And XIV's an MMO. I played the free trial back in December. It's very fun from what I played, but it's monthly fee is what I'm skeptical about. Y'know, being a broke college student and all, lmao. But I'm hoping to jump back into it soon. :) My character actually has a cat ears and a cat tail. So kawaii.~

@mrdecepticonleader - Thanks, Mr. Deception! ^__^

How have you been, by the way? :)

@ostyo - Lmao! Thank you, my friend. ;)

At least I think that was a compliment...xD

@dccomicsrule2011 - Lol!

Let's get crazy! :D

@jake_fury - Thanks, Jake! ^__^

How have you been by the way? =O

@jonny_anonymous - Oh, it's okay. DC is one of my best friends. xD He's very kind.

Did you read my 'Ending' section? I think you would find it interesting.

@shadowswordmaster - Thanks! ^__^ Glad you like it.

@sc - Sean! :D *hugs* Nice to see you, hehe.

You know, I may have hated Ignis for so long, but at the very least, I can say that he is interesting. I mean, clearly he has his own agenda. Like you said, the bros look visually uniform, but each one has a distinctive personality?

Hahaha, yes! :D I love Miranda's booty in ME. <3

Maybe Noctis can wear a tight pink tutu! :D Imagine him fighting in that...XD

And thanks, my friend. Your kind words are truly appreciated. :)

Were you gonna pick up Type-0, by the way?

@buttersdaman000 - Butters! Have not seen you in the Gaming Thread in awhile.

Hehe. You're excited for XV as well? I hope you can play its demo. I believe if you purchase a digital copy of Type-0, you can play the Duscae demo for at least two months...After that, it disappears from your harddrive. 0.o Not sure why.

@ccraft - Honestly, I think you really should. :)

It seems to me that Enix has been on the right track since A Realm Reborn.

Which was the last FF game you've played?

@dragonborn_ct - Thank you, Caio! <3 Reviewing with you has helped tremendously with my writing. I know how passionate you get with reviewing. :)

Hopefully you'll be able to play it! I know it's not confirmed yet, but like you said, PC seems very likely to happen. Can you just imagine the mods? xD Modding Noctis into Luna, hehehe.

I can understand what you mean. =/ Tbh, I don't like how Gladiolus is eye candy? Just seems kinda forced with that? >__>

I at least hope we can get females as guests in our party. It would be cool fighting alongside Stella/Luna. But if not, I would like to see XV-2 be an all female party. :D I'm sure they'd all be wearing white as well, lmao.

@korrasami - Thanks! :) Love your username, by the way. <3

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@samimista: Hmm interesting, I look forward to your review.

Thanks! It's an honor knowing you will read it. :)

It seems I only speak about FF XV with you and Immortal nowadays, hahaha.

@samimista: I have figure as much. They seemed to be putting in a lot of work into these games now. I just hope that the game itself is both a good experience and a awesome game.

Have you check out Bloodbourne yet?

Same here.

Nah. It's art style looks cool, but I won't be purchasing it until the price drops. I'm not really good at difficult games. Have heard Bloodbourne is a lot like Dark Souls. =/

Did you pick it up?

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@samimista: I have not. There was some money issues that I had to deal with, so no games.

Ah, it's a very fun demo but it does have its flaws imo. I'll be explaining more in my review.

But, overall, I have hope that Final Fantasy XV will be a great game. It seems Enix has been going in the right direction with the series since A Realm Reborn.