Raccoon Reviews - Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Pain...is an illusion. Pain...is in the mind.

For those who don't know, when Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was announced, I did multiple blogs on here regarding speculation on how the game was unraveling to be. I'll be honest to say though, I was skeptical whether or not to review Ground Zeroes but, why not? Though, I will warn you, I will be discussing my thoughts regarding spoilers but, they will be marked in another section.


Ground Zeroes takes place shortly after the events of Peace Walker however, it also acts as a prologue to the upcoming Phantom Pain. In a similar manner to the Tanker Mission in Sons of Liberty. Paz is held for interrogation at Camp Omega that's on the southern tip of Cuba. So happens, Chico is captive nearby Paz's location since he went on a rescue mission in an attempt to save her. It's Big Boss' duty to solely infiltrate Camp Omega and reunite Paz and Chico together.


I'll be honest here, when Kiefer Sutherland was first announced as Big Boss, I was very disheartened. Especially since I thought for sure that the different voice actor would be a ruse. I still hope David Hayter will have a cameo in Phantom Pain but, you know what?

Now that I've played Ground Zeroes, I honestly Sutherland sounds very natural as Big Boss. He unfortunately doesn't have many lines but, I'm looking forward to hearing him more. There was already a Jack Bauer reference in Ground Zeroes as well!

Ever since Ground Zeroes was first announced, I've been very intrigued by Skull Face who many predicted to be Hot Coldman due to the similar outfit. However, (SPOILER ALERT) it seems unlikely since a cassette tape revealed that Skull Face is Hungarian. He seems to know Big Boss from the past so I believe he's a new character. Though, I wonder if Skull knew him during the Korean or Vietnam War? I mean, in the beginning of the main mission you can even hear two guards mention the Green Berets.

I'll be honest to say, while I'm intrigued by his enigma, I was extremely pissed off at Skull Face for something he did that will be elaborated in the Audio Tapes section of this review. Though, I will warn you that it will contain spoilers if you haven't beat or played Ground Zeroes yet.


Metal Gear has changed. It's not about cardboard boxes or rations anymore. It's about recharging health. Joke aside, I am sure we will see cardboard boxes in Phantom Pain as for rations, I don't think so since there's no need anymore? If you get shot, the screen will be splattered in blood. To be quite honest, I miss the life gauge.

I feel embarrassed to admit this as a Metal Gear fan but, I usually start off on Easy Mode for my first playthrough? Which sadly isn't in Ground Zeroes. You automatically start on Normal and can unlock Hard. Even on Normal, for my first few playthroughs, I struggled a lot.

The A.I. has a larger view cone and they even interact with one another. It's actually pretty cool since you can also eavesdrop on their conversations. But, it's annoying because there's so much soldiers. If you skip a cutscene, the soldiers won't be at the location that they originally were patrolling since it's real time.

There also is automatic save checkpoints? I'll be honest to say, I'm displease on how there's only a few. I prefer having the option to save manually. I've been trying to collect the XOF patches and keep getting eight out of nine? Well, the last two times, I've gotten the ninth and completed the main mission, it gets lost.

My favorite part of the gameplay however, would be driving! I absolutely am a terrible driver but, it's so much fun running over the enemies and getting into explosions! It sucks though because eventually, the guards catch up and will try to shoot your vehicle.


I'm gonna be honest here and just flat out say it, so far I personally don't notice much of a difference between last and current gen's graphics. Maybe that's because this game was built for both generations but, I don't know. It looks somewhat better than Metal Gear Solid 4 but, the hair texture could of been improved.

I think it kinda looks weird when zoomed in? But, that six pack! He be working out.

It's also silly how Big Boss flails his arms when he jumps. I mean, is he a mime acting as a cheerleader or a bird? It just looks so weird seeing manly Big Boss flailing like a fangirl. Is he still excited on how he saw Kaz in a speedo during Peace Walker?


Honestly, I barely could hear the background music. Maybe it's my television but, I thought it sound very muffled in the rain. I have played the side ops but, I really don't play attention to songs in Metal Gear unless if it's in an emotional cutscene.

I do however, like Alert Status Theme:

Sounds very Hans Zimmer-like? It reminds me of Introduce a Little Anarchy from The Dark Knight.

My favorite song from Ground Zeroes however would be the beautifully remastered, Heaven's Divide:

You have a Walkman in Ground Zeroes so you can change the music anytime. I think you gotta unlock some but, you start off with a few songs from Peace Walker.

Audio Tapes

If you haven't beat Ground Zeroes, I strongly advise you to disregard this section. It contains major spoilers. Like, Revolver Ocelot shaking his booty in front of Big Boss who gets a nose bleed from the glorious sight that would forever be implanted in his mind. I mean, who wouldn't pay to see that?

Why did you click this? Go and beat Ground Zeroes already! Oh, you have? Then keep on reading!

Okay, I knew about this the week before Ground Zeroes came out and was extremely upset. I mean, personally, I find this a lot more shocking than the lackluster ending that Kojima was hyping up.

Skull Face forces Chico, a sweet thirteen year old boy to rape the woman he greatly admires and has a crush on...Paz. Now, I have to clarify, despite her cutesy appearance in Peace Walker, she actually lied about her age. She claimed to be a sixteen year old peace-loving student but, she's really a twenty-five year old woman as revealed in the audio tapes from Peace Walker. I am stating this because I always see people refer to her as a teenager when she's not.

So, a thirteen year old boy was forced to rape his dear friend who's a grown woman...Honestly, I feel like Kojima just did this for the sake of being controversial. I will not post videos containing the audio tapes on here because it's rather gruesome but, it's even more sad because she gets tortured after getting raped.

If you've seen the Red Band trailer for Phantom Pain, you basically have the ending spoiled. Paz has most of her organs removed to fit a bomb in her stomach. Even without the bomb, she would of died within a day. Anyways, Skull Face implants another bomb inside of her. During an audio tape, you can hear a wet sound as he opens her up...He also states that the bomb will be in a place that no one would dare to look...Take that as you will.

I understand that rape happens in life but, I just feel like this was completely unnecessary. Especially with the second bomb. Though, I understand that Kojima is trying to be more edgy. Personally, there's one good thing that came out of these audio tapes and the ending in which I will state in the section below.


Again, if you plan on or currently playing Ground Zeroes, I'd disregard this section...Unless if you maybe want to speculate on who has the finer booty: Solid Snake or Big Boss. Ah, who am I kidding! It's definitely Solid Snake. Especially in Sons of Liberty. My husbando!

Now, that one good thing I mentioned to come out of the audio tapes and ending? Do you think it's possible for Chico to be Decoy Octopus? I mean, Chico is seen alive at the end of Ground Zeroes. I doubt he'll ever be the same sweet boy we once knew. After all, he was forced to rape the woman he loved.

There's also the possibility that he could be Ishmael. Perhaps Sutherland's voiceover was just to throw people off? Though, I rather have Ishmael as a figment of Big Boss' imagination.

Anyways, I really am hoping that Chico is Decoy Octopus. We have Quiet who resembles Sniper Wolf, Code Talker who's similar to Vulcan Raven, a young Psycho Mantis has been seen and there's Eli who's hopefully Liquid Snake. I mean, the arrogant stature, blonde hair, shirt wide open, the jackal teeth necklace and a biblical name? I'd honestly be pissed off if it wasn't Liquid Snake.

What do you think will happen in Phantom Pain? Are you looking forward to anything?


If you're new to the series and interested in Phantom Pain, you should pick this up just to get adjusted to the gameplay mechanics. If you are new to the series and want to delve into its history, I would not recommend starting out with Ground Zeroes. I'd implore you to start out with either the first or third installment in the Solid series.

That said, I'd rate this at a 7/10. While Ground Zeroes is the prologue to Phantom Pain, I find it very misleading and greedy of Konami to exclude a warning stating that it's not a full game. This is very confusing to the new fans and anybody who believes that Ground Zeroes is actually Metal Gear Solid V.

You can certainly get a lot out of Ground Zeroes but, it's basically an expensive demo. People have been complaining by the lack of gameplay regarding the main mission. I was very skeptical on this but, there's a lot of ways to play the main mission. Everybody's experience will be different.

Congratulations! You have managed to read this whole review....Unless if you cheated that is! Anyways, here is your reward:


Dragonborn_CT and Samimista's Frozen Review



The story is very well told, and grabs you right from the beginning. Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Anna (Kristen Bell) are the royal princesses of Arendelle, but on the day of Elsa's coronation as Queen, a dark secret is revealed to the world: that she can create snow and ice from thin air. As Elsa flees to the North Mountain to start a new life alone, she unknowingly unleashes a potentially harsh winter on the kingdom. Now Princess Anna, teaming up with mountain man Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), his trusty reindeer Sven, and living snowman Olaf (Josh Gad), must track the Snow Queen down if Arendelle is to be restored.

The plot's biggest strength is the chemistry between the two sisters and while. Sure Anna is pinning between two guys (the usual "Prince Charming" Hans and the ice-harvester Kristoff). The genius is that while the movie uses the same old message about true love that you seen a thousand times in everything else, it doesn't necessarily have to be of romantic nature. Its weak link is possibly Elsa's powers - there is precisely zero explanation given anywhere in the movie how she got these powers in the first place, she was simply born with them. Even if it's not a important plot point to the story, it feels strange given how ridiculously overpowered Elsa is (she can create life out of ice for crying out loud and if she can, by accident, set off an eternal winter to her own country, imagine what she can do to the country of her enemies).

Without wishing it to spoil it, there is a twist near the end of the movie which I gotta say caught me completely off-guard and upon closer inspection, it was subtly foreshadowed from the earlier in the movie (which is how a good twist should have being done) instead of being pulled out of nowhere (which is how bad twists are usually done).


I cried so much from the beginning to end. Surprisingly, I enjoyed Frozen far much more than Tangled which I thought would be impossible. Ironically, the ending of Tangled mentioned Arendelle. In the movie, Rapunzel and Eugene are shown there for the honeymoon as an Easter egg.

Frozen is loosely based off of Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen. There's even a prince named Hans in Frozen which could be a nod to the author. The central theme regarding the film is the power sisterly love which is quite surprising given Disney's cliché romance.

The kingdom of Arendelle is cursed into eternal winter by the Snow Queen, Elsa (Idina Menzel), who was born with cryokenesis. Unable to control her powers, Elsa decides to isolate herself from humanity to assure that nobody will get hurt. Her younger sister, Anna (Kristen Bell), sets out on a journey to break the curse alongside the mountaineer, Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), his reindeer Sven and the magical snowman, Olaf (Josh Gad).



While I don't find Anna a bad protagonist by any stretch, I felt like the movie would have being better if Elsa was the protagonist instead who is a far more compelling and tragic character than Anna, at top of being very beautiful and possessing cool powers (pun intended). She serves as the antagonist - "villain" is too much of a strong word, as she is hardly any evil - and even then that is pushing it for most of the movie, but the movie focus largely on Anna is trying to help her sister rather than Elsa's inner turmoil. It really is an testament to Idina Menzel's portrayal of that role that even the writers changed their mind when they were originally planning on making Elsa a full-blown villain, but thanks to her actress, she is a much more sympathetic figure which is much better in this case.


Other than sisters, the other characters are great too. Kristoff, the ice harvester that accompanies Anna in her quest is a very likable character, despite coming off as anti-social aloner which in other circumstances, would have wasted the entire movie trying to teach him to connect with people, he helps Anna regardless and isn't afraid to speak his mind about Anna's mistakes in the movie. The little snow golem Olaf, who I was dreading to be the "annoying comic relief" from the trailers turns out to be alright. His comedic timing is very good, I did laugh at some of his jokes and he never comes off as obnoxious. Well, he got some laughter from the audience in my theater, so I suppose he fulfilled his purpose. The said can't unfortunately be said of the trolls that show up half-way through the movie, that while they don't necessarily drag the movie down, they do feel out of place, especially during their musical number. Personally I prefer silent sidekicks any time over the ones that actually talk.


The main reason why I solely saw this movie was for Elsa who outshined Anna in my opinion. Both Elsa and Anna however, balance each other out. Elsa can be as fragile as a snowflake but, sharp as an icicle. I was a bit worried that Disney was going to make her one dimensional somehow though it seems they delivered. Anna is the youngest sister who's very naive. Though, she's the adventurous one. The two sisters balance each other out equally.

It seems many were hesitant on Olaf's character before Frozen's premiere. The character in my opinion provides comedy relief throughout this emotional journey. But even so, he doesn't speak that much. Besides Elsa, I really enjoyed Kristoff who provided logic and seemed to be the most realistic. Given that he's a hard worker from the middle class.

Visual Effects


More often than not, ice and cold-based settings generated in computer animation are oft criticized as dull and lifeless in countless cartoons and video games. The artists should be commended in particular for making snow looking so damn realistic and life-like, instead of plastic. And those are just the environments bits, everything else looks breath-taking from Elsa's display of her ice powers and facial expressions from models.



It seems that Disney keeps improving with the CGI. Everything looks very realistic. Especially the scenery. Elsa's castle is absolutely enchanting. The art style is very adorable as well with the eyes and bouncy hair. It reminisces Tangled very much.




The music is hauntingly beautiful. Not just the songs sung by the characters, but the soundtrack behind it fits in, subtly heightening all of the drama and tension. Now the most powerful songs in the movie were Let It Go, the best one of piece as well as the scene of the movie (really that scene alone is worth the entire movie)and the reprise for First Time in Forever representing the hopelessness of Elsa's isolation not being enough to save Arendelle from her contrasting with Anna's hope that Elsa will be able to fix the problem and return to Arendelle really sells the scene.

All the songs from other characters don't come to the same level as Let It Go, and while they aren't bad themselves, some fall flat (the musical numbers from the comic relief characters in particular) just as "Love Is an Open Door" by Elsa and Prince Hans felt a tad forced. But, notoriously so, this is one the few Disney movies I've seen that I didn't miss a genuine villain song. You know the ones like "Be Prepared" or "Hellfire" where the villain establish his truly rotten nature - the film never needed one, which blows me away, since those are always my favorite type of songs in musicals. The voice acting is top notch as well, which should come to no surprise with Kristen Bell, I was really surprised how well she can sing so well.


Let It Go would be the highlight of the film. Demi Lovato did a cover however, I think Idina Menzel's (Elsa) version was far more superior with emotion. For The First Time In Forever is a very energetic upbeat song that speaks about freedom from the castle along with the powerful sisterly bond.

Final Rating


9/10 - While I would have preferred Elsa as the main heroine, whatever negative I may have it only comes off as a nitpick that doesn't detract at all from the amazing experience that was watching Frozen. I completely urge you to go watch this movie. It's really that good - a return to form for Disney, where everyone in the family will enjoy it . It has good humor, great characters, a very touching story, in the end, it's really about family than anything else... What the hell else you want?


10/10 - Overall, this is an absolutely fantastic movie that I'd recommend to anyone of all ages. Frozen shows that Disney still has the magic touch. Never did I expect to enjoy this more than Tangled. It has the perfect balance between humor and emotion.


Dreams Can Come True

Last night, felt like an endless dream where I was reunited with my beloved true love. Seven years ago I laid eyes on her. Seven years ago at my first E3 to be exact. Final Fantasy Versus XIII appeared. The phoenix arose from the ashes to be reborn as Final Fantasy XV.

I was ten years old when Versus was first shown. Even then I was so excited and pleaded for my older brother to buy it for me. For awhile, I lost hope in Versus after the rumors it got cancelled but, since last year, there's been many hints my sweet love would find her way back to me. It seems not only did she, but, my childhood friend Kingdom Hearts III is now in development. Oh happy days indeed. It seems part of my April Fool's joke on here (http://www.comicvine.com/profile/samimista/blog/tetsuya-nomura-apologizes-on-kingdom-hearts-iii-an/90635/) came true.

For almost two hours I was trying so hard not to let out a squeal since everyone was asleep when I heard this news. Tears were rolling down, my throat was dry and I recall posting on here and hoping that I'd wake up tomorrow to this being reality. The one FF title I've been looking forward to in recent years, she's now finding our way home. In the hearts of those who truly love Final Fantasy.

In honor of my beloved title, I wrote a poem for Noctis,

Bleak as night

Bright as the heaven skies

Seven years for I have waited

For your cessation to end

As your manifestation began

Soar as the phoenix

For you arose from ashes

Day decays as night prevails

History rewrites itself

Our prince united with his kingdom


Snake Is Back!

Ladies and gentlemen, the latest Phantom Pain trailer has finally been revealed at the opening of E3!

Ever since the HD Collection, Metal Gear has been on the Xbox so it's not exactly surprising that Phantom Pain will be on both next gen consoles but it's nice that almost everyone gets a chance to experience this journey! Let us ride away with Adamska! So, most of the trailer is very similar to Red Dead Redemption with the scenery along with the time and weather change. So glad Metal Gear continues to approve with these little features since it makes the series feel more realistic.

After the nine year coma Big Boss has become a fallen legend out for a race of revenge which happens to be the theme of Phantom Pain. Bear in mind the game will share many similarities to the novel Moby Dick that Hideo has been incorporating since he created the fake Swedish studio Moby Dick for the Spike VGAs last year. The trailer takes place in Afghanistan where Boss is set out to find Kaz who has been captured. I couldn't help but think of the original Metal Gear from 1987 with how Solid Snake rescued Grey Fox who was captured at the time. My heart was breaking when the slaves were shown in cages and how Big Boss was handing out diamonds. It's sad because slavery still exists in third world countries.

It seems Huey Emmerich is back as well along with Adamska. Personally, I love how Adamska (Revolver Ocelot/Liquid Ocelot/Shalashaska, for those who are wondering) looks up to Big Boss. Never liked Ocelot until Snake Eater when he was developed a lot more. There's new characters as well. Quiet is a sniper who's outfit is similar to Eva's yet reminisces of Sniper Wolf who's worth mentioning is the disciple of Big Boss. I'm unsure of my thoughts regarding Quiet since so far I'm getting a Eva/Sniper Wolf vibe. Eli is a young boy, Code Talker seems to be an elder and Skull Face seems to be the scarred man from the first Ground Zeroes with how he's with XOF? I was hoping to see more Ishmael in this trailer but, maybe we'll learn more of him soon. It would be interesting if the story's narrated in his POV given that Ishmael narrates Moby Dick.

Overall, I am so glad we got to see more footage. Truly, it's as if I keep falling deeper in love with the series with how it ages like fine wine over time. I got into the series back when Guns of Patriots was released due to my older brother and hope to go on this adventure with him. Seems like Sutherland will do a great job after all but still hope Hayter will have a cameo.


Here's To You, David Hayter

Right now though, I am very torn. As you all know, in February David Hayter asked a hypothetical poll on Twitter if the fans would be mad or not if his voice were to be replaced. In late March, it was confirmed he wouldn't be in Phantom Pain.Even so fans including myself refused to believe this and thought it was another marketing technique from Hideo who's known to be a notorious troll. The prediction was that Hayter would voice act Big Boss before the nine year coma and then Richard Doyle would takeover but, it seems that's wrong....

It's officially confirmed that Kiefer Sutherland will be voicing Big Boss and even performing motion captures to display more emotion. Phantom Pain's theme will be on revenge just like Moby Dick that's referenced throughout the trailers and even is a fake Swedish studios Hideo created for the VGAs.

I have nothing against the actor but, I don't like how Metal Gear is going Hollywood with celebrities. Before anyone says, yes I'm quite aware that a movie was announced in August of 2012 however, I think people are forgetting that Metal Gear has been in the movie studios quite a few times over the decade and hasn't happened so far. Matter of fact, in 2006 Hayter did write a screenplay for Metal Gear but it got denied. In my opinion besides Kojima he knows a lot about the series.

I don't think we'll see Solid Snake as he'd only be 11 - 12 in 1984 and it might be difficult for Hayter to pull off the pre-pubescent voice but, perhaps David (ironically Solid's real name as stated in MGS4 by Eva) will voice act Big Boss before the nine year coma which is Ground Zeroes that act as the prelude to Phantom Pain. It's basically what the Tanker Mission was to Metal Gear Solid 2.

Since the first Phantom Pain trailer, I've been very intrigued by Ishmael who Kiefer is also voice acting. I believe he's a figment of Big Boss's imagination. Bear in mind that Phantom Pain is a hallucination syndrome after the loss of an eye so it's possible.

No matter what, I'm always going to love and play Metal Gear as I love it for the story and characters but, it'll take time for this to sink in.

Thank you very much for reading this despite how short I feel this blog is (usually I'm very lengthy when it comes to Metal Gear) and when a new trailer is released you can bet I'll be blogging about it here. I really could of sworn we were supposed to see a trailer today unless if the pre-show is still going on or if that's saved for next week.


Crazy Raccoon Lady Befriends Thunder The Tiger

I usually don't post personal pictures on here but thought I'd share an amazing experience I had today with friends here. =D I went to a rescue animal farm and was able to play with a Siberian 8 weeks old tiger name Thunder. First time being up close to a tiger too. ^__^

The blonde haired girl wearing the green shirt was a volunteer or an employee if anyone's wondering. Definitely a place I'd like to go to again though. There was even the Fugitive Monkey/Mystery Monkey that was on the run in FL for four years who now resides where I was at.


Guess Who I Got A Birthday Message From?

I wasn't gonna make a blog of this but well, I'm just very happy that he actually answered. I'll let you see who it is for yourself.

That is right. I got a message from Solid Snake and Big Boss.

I've been a fan of Metal Gear Solid since 2008 and been an addict since. I don't usually post short blogs like this but well, right now I'm having a bit of a fangirling moment. =D


Tetsuya Nomura Apologizes on Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy Versus XIII Delay

If you don't know, recently the President of Square Enix, Yoichi Wada stepped down due to how the company has been having financial problems for the past decade. Yosuke Matsuda is now the company's new head President and made Tetsuya Nomura release a public statement as Matsuda wants to reel in the veteran fans who've been growing tired of waiting for Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy Versus XIII for many years.

The public is not aware of this but Geoff Keighley flew to Japan during the weekend to interview Tetsuya Nomura on this. It'll be on later tonight on Spike TV but if you don't believe me then I'd suggest checking this out; http://kotaku.com/5303473/tetsuya-nomura-apologizes-on-kingdom-hearts-iii-and-final-fantasy-versus-xiii Unfortunately, I am not able to post the actual screen shots as it would ruin the surprise that Matsuda has been saving to redeem Enix.

The reason why these two games have been on hold? It's been revealed that Gabe Newell is the second director behind Tetsuya Nomura. A lot of people have been teasing Mr. Newell as he has a phobia of the number '3'.

Little does everyone know, Gabe Newell cries himself at night about this. Secretly, Tetsuya Nomura has been taking Gabe Newell to a special rehabilitation center for those who've worked in the gaming industry. Matter of fact, rumors are Newell made friends with the man who created Superman 64 that's at this rehabilitation center.

What caused this phobia was years ago Nomura called up Newell on doing Kingdom Hearts III. It was actually supposed to come out in 2009 but has been on hold since Newell is feeling very overwhelmed that he'll let everyone down. He knows Kingdom Hearts III is highly demanded and belongs to a popular franchise but he's afraid he'll let everyone down. Tetsuya Nomura refuses to let Gabe quit so for a side project Nomura has Gabe creating Half-Life 2.5 mods for Versus XIII which has been on hold due to Kingdom Hearts III.

How do I know all of this? Ladies and gentlemen, haven't you ever wondered why I've been keeping up with Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain? Don't you think it's odd how I post blogs of Metal Gear on a comic site? I'm not allowed to confess this but I cannot hold it anymore; I am Joakim Mogren.

That is right. I am not CG (Computer Graphics) and it hurts that people are speculating that I'm not human. Just because I have a deep love for cupcakes doesn't make me less human than you are. At E3, I shall announce to the world that I, Joakim Mogren, is Samimista of ComicVine with my buddies Tetsuya Nomura and Gabe Newell there to confirm Versus is now Final Fantasy XV and that Kingdom Hearts III will be out in 2014.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

So for those who are new to this site or weren't active last week, I made a blog speculating that Clifford Bleszinski (lead designer of Gears of War) is possibly Joakim Mogren and stated that on March 27th that there would be a new Phantom Pain trailer. The wait is finally over:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Yes, it's officially confirmed by the legend, the myth, the Kojima himself who ran the demonstration on the PC.

Since the VGAs people have been questioning whether or not they heard Keifer Sutherland voice act the bandaged man sneaking around with Big Boss. Rest assured, you heard right. Rumors are the bandaged man is named Ishmael which is used in the novel Moby Dick that has been referenced throughout this Phantom Pain journey so far.

Bad news relating to voice acting? We might of lost David Hayter for this game as his voice is not heard. Earlier this month he created a hypothetical poll on Twitter asking fans how would they feel if he wasn't in the next Metal Gear. You can probably imagine how many people were displeased by this thought.

Here was the outcome quoted by himself:

Poll Results: Sad/Angry: 64% No Big Deal: 12% (You’re all dead to me, btw.) Would Not Buy: 24% 303 ppl srveyd

However, I cannot tell if this is Richard Doyle or not as the voice acting for Big Boss is hard to tell at the moment.

The start of the trailer shows Big Boss awakening after a nine year coma. First off, I am very confused whether or not Hideo retacon'd the fact that between Metal Gear 1 and 2 Big Boss was in a four year coma rather than nine years or is this another coma?

The trailer was mixed up of previous scenes we've seen before with new ones. If you recall, in the first Phantom Pain trailer we were shown there was a figure to appeared Psycho Mantis. In this trailer we saw a better view of what appears to be a female with short red hair?

We see what appears to be The Boss's horse again in this trailer but possibly ridden by Ocelot? Now, I won't spoil anything here but if you're new to the series I'd suggest playing Metal Gear Solid 3. Then it'll make more sense to you on why it's possibly Ocelot riding the horse.

If you haven't guessed from my previous blogs, I will be keeping up with this. Metal Gear Solid is my second favorite series (Final Fantasy being the first) and I've been a loyal passionate fan since Guns of Patriots was released.

As of right now, I'll probably continue rewatching the trailer many times as I'm still left wondering many things.


The Identity Of Joakim Mogren

Oh noes! Not another Metal Gear blog! When will this crazy lunatic stop? D= Most likely I'll be writing quite a bit on the Metal Gear news to come. As mentioned in my previous blog when Phantom Pain first swirled at the VGAs with a supposed new Swedish director 'Joakim Morgen' clearly this is an anagram for Kojima and Mogren being a reference to Project Ogre. But anyways, if you wanna read more on that check out my previous blog: http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/samimista/my-thoughts-on-phantom-pain/87-87208/

So Geoff Kheighley decided to interview Joakim N. Mogren to see if this is the real deal or not and here's what we got:

A lot of people are speculating that Hideo hired Cliff Bleszinski to act the role of Joakim Mogren. If you don't know Cliffy B is the lead designer of Gears of War which happens to be one of my favorite shooters. In the interview shown above we see that Joakim is wrapped in bandages referencing the unknown character (possibly Grey Fox) helping out Big Boss. Hideo and Cliff also happen to be good friends and even have went to the Hard Rock Cafe together.

The vibrant eyes and sensual lips look very much similar.

Joakim wasn't able to say too much last night but he did show us new screens of Phantom Pain on his iPad;

Joakim did however confirm that for GDC (Gaming Developer's Conference) that we will be seeing a new trailer and that it will answer the questions Geoff had.

Also, when Phantom Pain's first trailer came out I originally thought the Joakim N. Mogren account was a joke (as in I assumed a regular fan of the series just made it for the laughs without actually being apart of it) but I decided to write to this account and got a reply back. This has been in my gallery since then (along with a Tweet I got from Quinton Flynn) that I showed to one of my fellow Metal Gear friends but didn't really show anyone else it.

Yuppers! Nick was the member I showed this to so that's why his profile was on the tab. Us Metal Gear fans gotta be sure to spread the knowledge to the non fans who want to get into the series.

Honestly, I am having an absolutely hoot seeing how this is playing out with the whole Joakim Mogren and Phantom Pains. One thing I love about Hideo is that he knows how to put on a show and to keep the fans wondering.

Be expecting another blog when the new Phantom Pain trailer releases at GDC.

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