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We are talking about the One Million Superman Prime right? if so, he takes this one definitely, he's completely omnipotent with no weaknesses whatsoever, he brought back Krypton with a snap of his fingers, his enhanced vision and hearing break the barrier of time and space, allowing him to see into other galaxies, the future, and the past, AND although he doesn't need it he keeps an enhanced green lantern ring...just incase.

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Im a Batfan, collecting and memorizing information about batman, having read a good amount of the comics, reasearched him, memorized all of his feats and his physical abilities and limits, watched every animated series, animated movie, and regular movie, BUT after all of that i still harbor this ridiculously strong belief that batman would win against ANYBODY. I enjoy Nolan's batman but think they're WAY far off from the comics in certain aspects

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Skill and Wisdom beats uncontrollable Raw power any day, Zatanna wins.

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If Sinestro was blood-lusted and Loki wasn't then Sinestro would probably put up a decent fight, but since Loki is too, then Loki definitely wins.

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I Honestly prefer Black Adam, but i would probably go with Thanos

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Tobuscus...i mean, just look at my name!

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@GhostofOnyx: No he seems to do it effortlessly and that's before he got the stone of Jas.

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The Lich King:

Most people would probably know this character better than the next, The Demi-God of death, Master of the Scourge, and Wielder of Frostmourne, The Lich King is one of the most powerful figures in WoW history, he can summon legions of undead on a whim, controls and manipulates frost with ease, Uses shadow magic such as to bind powerful beings and lay powerful attacks on his opponents, has an army that is almost invincible ( Can Raise more Undead) and currentlly poses one of the biggest threats on Azeroth. Since the Lich King used to be the Prince of Lorderon he has great fighting skills and military tactics without the influence of his powers, His two most powerful artifacts are 'The Helm of Domination' After "A" Lich king dies whoever wears this helmet is crowned as the next Lich King, if the helm is worn while the Lich king is alive, the helm will respond to the unwanted wearer by overloading them with so much energy that they die. His other most powerful artifact is Frostmourne A powerful and legendary sword, with a will of its own and the power to trap souls within it it is considered as the the second most powerful sword handled by a mortal after 'The Ashbringer'

Lucien: While this character may be unknown by some of you, he is still unimaginably powerful, he comes from the lore of Runescape, and is adored by many, he is of the Mahjarrat race a very ancient race that lives for a very long time until their ritual (where one of them is scarificed and the rest are replenished.) Lucien has lived for many years and has used his trickery and deceit to obtain two of the world's most powerful objects, the Staff of Armadyl (The God of Justice) and the Stone of Jas ( A Mysterious yet extremely powerful ancient god) these two artifacts are unbelievably powerful and are probably alot better than the lich king's ( They were not only handled by gods but also hidden by them), Like the Lich King, Lucien was able to bring forth hordes of undead and skeletal champions from beyond the grave, and twisted forms of elementals and demons, he can reduce great champions to dust,{Hazelmere :'( } (this was before he even got the stone of Jas, which is considered his greater source of power) Unlike the Lich king, who controls several aspects of his enormous power, Lucien's power seems to mainly revolve around offensive shadow attacks (But man are they strong, it is definitely better than The Lich king's use of shadow magic) BUT he can summon a bigger variety of minions to aid him as mentioned before, while the lich king can only bring about different versions of undead, Lucien is able to bring legions of twisted version of tormented demons and varied elementals who are very formidable in battle.

So, Lich King with Frostmourne and Helm of Domination has more varied abilities and powers and a bigger army than Lucien, But Lucien makes The Lich King's Shadow Powers look like a joke (WHICH THEYRE NOT!!) and has alot more minions to choose from AND has better equipment (Since theyre godly), i say they're pretty equal, i wanna see what you think, please dont just pick your favorite, here are websites for you to read each one's power, evaluate, and judge :)

The Lich King:


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Nex, Shes the champion of the second most powerful god.

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The supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses.

"Telepathy is the transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction."

"The simplest definition of telepathy can be stated as direct communication between minds.

There is several forms of telepathy :"

"The transmission of feeling,emotions, images, words, and phrases..."


a communication between minds by some nontechnological means other than sensory perception. — telepathist, n.telepathic, adj.


ntelepathy the communication of ideas, thoughts etc directly from one person's mind to another person's mind without the use of hearing, sight etc He knew just what I was thinking – it must have been telepathy.



  1. /ˈteləˌpaTH/
    There are different ways to define telepathy and is expressed in various views. Telepathy is defined as the ability to communicate without using the five senses that is normally used by us such as hearing, touch, smell, taste and sight.
    A person with the ability to communicate using telepathy.

    I see no mention of controlling brains, stopping hearts of any kind, telepathy INVOLVES emotions as well, You're right Professor X, Jean Grey, and Emma Frost ARE telepaths but not because they can control actions or body parts because they too can READ minds, movement of objects using the mind is called Telekinesis, so Practically Voldemort has as good a right as any to be called a his own Magical way.