A Strange Occurrence

It was a hot day. Even for Orlando, it was a very hot day. Hot enough that it made a stakeout damn near unbearable, even for someone like Sam Heller. She'd grown up in the cool temperature of San Diego, and had spent most of her life there. The move to Orlando was a recent one, and had been nothing short of nightmarish. Cool breezes were replaced with humidity and daily highs of ninety degrees (or above). To make matters worse, her small one-bedroom apartment's air conditioning went out every half hour. Yet here she was, having agreed to do a stakeout on a building on the outskirts of the city. Even now, she was muttering swears under her breath, loathing her decision.

Propping her elbow up on the window next to her, she rested her head on her hand. "C'mon.. give me something here." Off in the distance, her eyes noticed something. A bright green light in the sky, so far away that it looked to be nothing more than a dot. Shrugging, she turned her attention back to the building, waiting for any sign that guns were being brought into the building. Still nothing. "Six hours of sitting around on my ass, and still nothing. Christ.." Her hand reached over to the radio sitting on the surface in between the driver's seat and the passenger seat. Looking back up, she noticed that the green light from before was closer. Oddly enough, it wasn't getting brighter as it got closer. If anything, the light appeared to be getting.. dimmer. "What the he-"

The events of the next few seconds flew by at a rate so fast that her brain could scarcely hope to process it. All she saw was a bright emerald streak fly by her car, then felt her body lurched forwards as the vehicle was flipped onto its side. The shriek of metal grinding against concrete didn't register in her ears, instead it was replaced by a familiar lack of noise. Her brain quickly processed it as the temporary loss of hearing that occurred after an explosion, but she didn't smell the distinct smell a detonation gave off.

Reaching down, she carefully unlocked her seat-belt, immediately grabbing the door-frame to stop herself from falling to the other side of the car. Holding on with one arm would be a strain, to say the least, but she did it. With her other hand, she reached out and unlocked the door, pushing it open. Grabbing the bottom of the car, she used her shoulder to keep the door open, pulling herself up and out of the car. Upon rolling out onto the ground, she finally felt the sheer agony in her right shoulder. When she tried to move her arm, she picked up the pain for what it was; dislocation. The pain of re-setting the shoulder was agonizing, but not unbearable itself. Once the relief set in, she looked to see what had thrown her two-ton car like it was a tin can.

Mere inches from her, there was a crater that eerily glowed green. "The hell?" Her words were half-murmured. A crater in the ground would be unnerving to most people, but she stepped towards it. The sight within it was simultaneously both disturbing and fascinating. Laying limp in the hole was a well-muscled humanoid with blue skin. Whether or not it was a man or a woman was uncertain, but if the facial details were any indication, it was a male.

After the first few seconds, she continued to step forwards, eventually coming to kneel next to the thing's head. She had almost no idea how to check if the thing was dead, so she just resorted to placing two fingers on its neck. There wasn't a heartbeat. Combining that with the fact that it's.. his body was limp and motionless, Sam assumed that he was dead. "Weirdest day of my life.." Turning around, she was startled to see a green object floating in the air in front of her, Upon closer inspection, she noticed that it was a ring. "And it just got weirder, somehow." Letting her curiosity get the better of her, she took a step towards the ring, attempting to grasp it. Instead, the ring slipped onto one of her fingers. A voice spoke to her, apparently from nowhere, but the words fell on deaf ears. Sam was too pre-occupied trying to get a grasp on the situation, but when she'd almost done so, she was sent straight back to square one when the ring let off a halo of emerald light.

The light spread out across her body, causing a change to take place. Her ordinary clothes were replaced by a green-and-black skintight outfit (which admittedly made her a little uncomfortable) that stopped at her neck. Looking herself over, she immediately checked her chest, then let out a sigh of relief. "Well, at least there's not mega-cleavage going on.." She exhaled. "Alright, now how do I get rid of this.. outfit? I need to get home, make sure I'm not hallucinating." Apparently the ring had other plans, as her body slowly lifted off of the ground. "What the hell?" Before she knew it, her form was being carried off into the air at speeds rivaling a F-22. When she saw space rushing up to greet her, she panicked for a moment. Whatever this thing was on her finger, it was going to get her killed.

Much to her surprise, her head didn't explode. And she was.. breathing? "I think I just reached a whole new level of weird." She remarked to herself as the ring forcibly carried her body onward, all the while spouting instructions and rules. None of which Sam heard, too busy running billions of questions through her head to hear a thing the ring said. It stopped for a moment, and she found herself looking at a space station. "Even we-" She paused for a moment, then decided to not finish that sentence, for fear of sounding like a broken record. After several minutes of letting her stare at it, the ring lurched her body into motion again. "You know, you could at least show me how to do it myse-" She felt her body speed up, and before she knew it, she was standing in an air-lock.

Of course, the one thing she'd worry about was her job. Not this whole bizarre situation, but the fact that her boss was going to kill her.

"I really hope that I can find a good excuse for this.."