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First off that post was a lot of fun

Second off, I legitimantly think that is a kill/end shot. To many people to go through to clear the area. Location is known. Blast area is a hundred yards wide. Attack is basically a giant beam of energy hot as the sun.

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@_goliath_: @mryashimora:

Her foot tapped in impatience awaiting the attack. She looked impatient. Her grip tightens as her foe advances. She seems nervous maybe she can't keep up with an opponent like this. Sakara's blade connects with Hex's she drops to a knee dust filling the air. "Well never mind then Sakara." Before a second swing could be made Salem performs a back flip gaining distance. As she lands her sword thruster into the ground warriors made of blood red light advance on the man. They surround him, she has time to catch her breath. That is how the scene played out.

Phase 1. As her foot tapped lines were telkenetickly being etched into the ground they were thin and spread out in a hundred yard diameter. Nobody would likely notice them during a war let alone when moving over a hundred miles per hour.

Phase two. Her grip tightens and she alchemically alters the dirt. It becomes particles of a cosmic temporal anomaly. In short it is something which will stop teleportation.

Phase three. Blades lock a small cell on the blade sticks to the Tiger Sword. It isn't detectable it isn't harmful. However Hex knows it's exact location and thus for the fight Hex knows where her target is. Meaning her aim is almost a hundred percent accurate. The dust fills the circle.

Phase four. The crimson drones surround Yashimora. With these attackers he has to fight. The near by Asgardian's and Doombot's in the area similarly clutter the area. By all accounts her target is stuck fighting.

Phase five. Execute....

With her target pinned down and an exact lock on his location Hex triggers the alchemic spell. A lance of solar energy shoots a mile into the air. Asgardian warriors are turned to dust, the loss to the enemy is substantial. Doombot's are liquified, the loss inconsequential. Avatar warriors are erased, they are replaceable. Hex and her target were in the center of this colossal attack. It could have speared through an entire planet. At the end of it all however Hex was still kneeling with blade in the ground. From her position she simply remarks "this is my design."

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@owen_porter: thanks

Do wish I sold the dragon reveal a little better though >.>

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@the_last_samurai: it's a Az alt xP thanks had fun with it

Also posted. Kept Hex post short, made more sense for her to try and shape the fight then just charge in

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@emperor_von_doom: @mryashimora:

"Consider it done." The witch responded to the Elysian King as she fought through wave upon wave of Asgardian's. They couldn't hurt her, she was beyond their petty mythology. And as the pink haired demon hybrid reached the barriers she grinned. One touch and her mind knew it's composition and with that she opened a door sized hole for her to pass through. Eyes as red as the blood staining her weapons.

Those soulless eyes fell upon Yashimora with radiant disgust. Put of course the unfathomably complex mind of the witch had concocted a game plan. "What was your name again? I notice you favor the blade please indulge me. I'd love this fight to be a noble one simply our speed strength and blades. No additional powers just what we can do with sword in hand."

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Nothing special but in

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Energy is not matter but all matter contains some kind of energy. If an alchemist can grip the context of the energy they can do sometimes that which is otherwise impossible. Alchemy usually transmutes matter into different matter or changes it's form. But what if an alchemist tapped into energies, then suddenly fire could be given life, earth could function like a cannon. The entirety of the concept was rich with complexities. However Hex had the mind to grasp it all, for she was not a genius she was a fusion of brilliance. Alchemy had melded her mind to two others who's brains were like computers. And now perhaps the most elaborate and powerful computer resided in her mind.

She reached beyond all traits seen, passing even the achievement of antimatter. Hex deep in her studies had gripped even cosmic energy. The power of gods was at her fingertips digging deeper and deeper into her potential. If man was made in gods image, man just had to reach a complexity of god. Most would never ever so much as glimpse the surface of such an evolutionary awakening she had. Only one capable of besting her she thought was Doom and even then it might be open to speculation.

She arrived in Asgard with the other various forces of Doom. The bridge glittering with light from the entire spectrum. In the distance a land of myth and legend. A world that made most others look feeble. Science and magic melded into a singular fascinating style. The forests were lush with life and fabled creatures.

"Gods, just a fairy tale to make weaklings feel comfortable. Heavens, a lie painted like paradise. Our enemies today, are but false idols. Born with might. The only one fit to rule is Doom."

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"Not a soul will move without me getting in their way. And I assure you most can't retaliate against me." Her response was simple and factual. "Anything further or can I go back to my studies? Doom will have the last gem" her brilliance hard at work even as they discussed.

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"Well that was cryptic. Was looking more for a "your mission should you chose to except it" deal." The alchemist jested clearly absent even a shred of doubt. "It's a bold move trying to attack such a land. Naturally he's plotted for innumerable variables and countless versions of opposition. Wars are fought by men and women but won by mind games. There is only one outcome, Doom will win in Asgard." Her eyes didn't marvel at city or sun, but rather the utopia she imagined built once Doom succeeded in his goals.

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Awesome job