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Despite the various drugs it would seem the changeling was not going to give in. Her resilience was pleasing Hex liked the promise of continued fight. The change was remarkable a fascinating deviation from common humans. It took time though for girl to become beast and time was a commodity in the heart of war. And though carmine eyes were set on the werebeast her hand was busy with a plan of alchemy.

The first step was to place ink like markings on her armored breast plate. Upon impact they'd explode with furious flame. Second was the creation of turning a needle into piano wire a plan in offensive resting in sharpened cord. And thirdly she turned a box of syringes into a small plastic explosive. In theory it was no greater then a breaching charge or a claymore how it was used however was what defined it.

The beast came at her and the offense was readied. Ophelia was much stronger claws dug into her shoulders. Painful but nothing to Hex, then she smashed through a wall. Hurt as it did she simply slapped her armor and in a flash the entire room was engulfed in flame. Roaring embers triggered hopefully ignighting the beast in the process after all the pair were close and all of Hex's exposed skin burned from the attack she herself made. Smashing through another wall with brutalized snap of bone the hand then swung the wire. This was designed to noose around Ophelia's neck the tug downward sought to both split open the creatures throat and strangle her. Vectors coiled around Hex then to soften the collision from the last two walls. Impacts would be cushioned as well as some time to recover.

Lastly after the fire and strangulation efforts just as the duo smashed through the walls entering the parking lot sword was readied. The blade lashed out from the side in effort to impale Ophelia. Truest design of the attack though was to try and abandon the explosive on her blade. Stick a bomb inside the creature was a fairly efficient way to score a kill.

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It wasn't a question it's just a fact waiting to come true ;)

Awesome job btw

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She's undead poison and a shot to the heart might not kill her. And what better way to make a friend lol

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Barely standing on obviously last lstrength despite the obvious might needed to make breach Hex cared not. The fight had already been decided. "In this hospital are still many lives. And nobody is allowed to leave but you." With a simple quickend move Hex sought to carve an H into Ophelia's neck. A chemical was infused to make cuts heal almost instant. Hex intending to simply give the beastling a scar to remember her by. "Go home, bring a friend next time, give me a war not this. Please I need to know if I even need a team." Her strange mix of combative lust and politeness displayed by her words and stature.

(Figured asking for a bigger fight was a good way to avoid murder)

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Sorry if posts seem short but don't want to keep you guys waiting

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Hex saw the feet coming her mind quick to devise a variety of counters. Instead her other two vectors went for the shield when the feet met her stomach Hex smiled proud of her choice. What hit her was thirty tons worth of force each vector totaling at ten tons meant together they were superior in strength to arm holding the shield. With that thought in mind she had plotted her course of action. Executed just as she began the flight backward from brutal impact.

Her stomach caved in insides grounded to mush like the impact of distasteful road kill. Her ribs could even be seen from the gory collision it didn't stop her though in fact one could hear the recracking bone and reforming flesh even as she flew backwards. And in this moment Hex used her vectors to spiral wildly in the air this was intended for greater result on her foe. The gyrating spin sought to take the shield with her forcing it from the heroes grip immobilizing the use of iconic weapon. Rotation was further used to try and ravage the symbols arm. To twist it and break it into contorted pulp.landing on her feet wounds half recovered knife in hand was alchemically changed into a flash bang.

As the grenade was thrown in attempt to disrupt the heroes senses the alchemist drew her sword and charged forward and shield with it. The blade sought to remove the left leg further attempt to disable America's finest. Her shield with similarly sharp edged moved to sever the seventh vertebra. And lastly the vectors would snake foreword perhaps backed by Allegiance's own shield. They would move to attempt brutalized impalement rupturing the heart of both Allegiance and perhaps in the process the heart of America.

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With impressive force the alchemist found herself being chucked through the wall. Her spine shattered and an operating table edge jabbed into her side fresh carmine fluid spurting outward for a moment. The wounds recovered almost as soon as the coral haired homunculi landed. "You know you never told me how a fox likes a cage."

A touch to the ground was all it took to change the environment. Efforts being made to erect various prison like bars around the beastling. Hex would follow by grabbing a variety of syringes each of the quartet of vectors held a pair. Some were for the flu others to put people to sleep, others for poison of the eight needles there probably was five different drugs. They shot forward aiming for the throat the heart and both arms. A multi pronged attack geared to render Ophelia unconscious or at least off balance making her even easier prey. (Sorry for the delay)

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Thank ya x2

<.< now to just find the time to post lol

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Jackie "the Jackal" Hyde! I has figured out my plan