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First Marvel Zombies 5 worth talking about 0

I have held off writing any reviews of the previous four issues in this series purely because there was little substance to actually review. In other words, they sucked.   Marvel Zombies 5 #4 is, in my mind, the best drawn and written issue to date. Using multiple artists can deliver mixed results in other books but since this is a mini-series, I am all for showing off a team of artists in a single issue. Felix Ruiz and Fernando Blanco do a great job of creating a biotechnological...

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Forgotten characters reborn on paper and in our minds 0

Wow! I should have never let this book sit on the comic book shop shelf without getting it. For once, I was perfectly surprised by a comic trade from start to finish.  First off, what a great story to re-introduce some of the most lovable and memorable characters of my childhood. You only have to look above at the list of characters to see that Bill Willingham has made a great effort at writing in some of the richest characters of fable lore into this book. It's large and ambitious in its scope,...

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This is messed up...but I like it! 0

This issue (and volume) is the most unique comic I found on the shelves at the time of this review. I highly recommended this.I picked this up purely based on Comicvine's interview with A. J. Lieberman, and was instantly drawn in. There are so many elements to this comic that set it apart, I don't know where to begin (but I have to start somewhere).First up, I must mention the physical novel itself. It's printed in an unorthodox shape/size to other mainstream titles. Wider and taller than standa...

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Bishop's origin story or Messiah Complex story filler...? 0

First off, I loved this story. This story had to be told after the events of Messiah Complex and I am glad it did.  Duane Swierczynski wastes no time drawing you into the inhuman and brutal upbringing of Lucas Bishop - mutant prison camps, experimentation, abuse and the eventual ripping apart of his world. The flow and pace (not just this issue but the entire volume) was just right, but, since it is only a three issue volume details are skimmed over. Most importantly, the key points, such as Bis...

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A return to just around the corner 0

The Avengers are the Avengers, and all is good in the world. Iron Man, Thor, Cap, Spidey and Hawkeye (who is suspiciously missing from JRJ's cover) are back together and ready to be heroic once again.  What can you say about a team that has been together so many times in so many situations starting all over again? Only that this comic will not disappoint. I have nothing but great expectations for this new era and the combo of Bendis and Romita Jr. tells me Marvel wants me to take this seriously....

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No Dazzle, but the skates are still there 0

Right before I picked this up, the guy in the shop asks, "you read the 80s stuff?", to which I replied "yep, they were terrible."  And they were terrible, but I understand what Marvel was trying to do with Dazzler back then and how she really didn't have a chance in the end. She was even going to be a fulltime new member of the X-Men after Beast and her had a thing, but it never happened.  This new one-shot might be like that. I guess Jim McCann and the creative team behind this wanted to bring ...

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