just got through Danger Girl #1-7, again, and loved it

I remember when Danger Girl first came out and I was 16 and in awe of J Scott Campbell's style. I am not ashamed to admit that his depictions of women, whilst grossly exaggerated, are totally and utterly hot and stunning. At the time, with most male or female superheroes (that I read) almost stationary in terms of their style and look, JSC's style just popped out at me. Thank you J Scott Campbell. I was so thrilled at the #0 and #1, I bought several limited editions.
As I got back into these this weekend, I really wanted to check how much comicvine members had dedicated to adding to the Danger Girl pages, but it wasn't much. All the main characters are there, which is great, but there's no descriptions. I took the time to write up the first volume #1-7 so please take a look and add more if you can.
If we dedicate some more time to these pages, it might just be enough that JSC gets his interior work started again. I was watching an interview with Babs and Campbell the other day, and it sounds like he is burnt out of drawing Danger Girl, which is fine. But, he also said that he is sticking to covers for the moment.
Anyway, five stars to the series and I hope there is some sort of continuation when he has the time.

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