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Rock beats Superman, but Superman beat's Sun. 1

I pretty much sold on this comic. I'm loving the upcoming trouble with the Phantom Zone and friends. I dont know what peoples definition of chemistry is but I definitely see it. I guess people just like Lois Lane's ball busty nature and chemistry seems to be funny moments. But even without the comedy I definitely see a strong bond between the two. And if anyone thought that N52 Superman was a total jerk, him sticking up for Wonder Woman should show them otherwise, total Gentleman. I think this b...

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Aeternus Malum means Awesome Sauce 0

I read it and I cant believe people can complain about the new 52 when they really hit it out of the park with this. The Crime Syndicate is just bad (in the 1980's MJ way). They waste no time taking over and lets us believe that they killed the JL,JLD,JLA (can't wait to find out). We also see Lex being his lovable jerk self about to take over a company and realizes that now that the Crime Syndicate is here, WHERE IS SUPERMAN? I hope we get to see Lex shine next month. ...

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Man of Awesomeness 0

I would see this movie every two weeks and I will be buying the DVD. This movie has more action than TDK/R and Avengers combined. I at times wanted to tear up in the beggining. The critics are such snobs if they think Superman Returns was better. I do agree that the drama could have been better but overall a 9/10. Now Im just wating to see the Angry Joe review and HISHE MoS....

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