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Wow well this info is very late but...

Don't know what her current whereabouts are and as far as I know, and what was shown in the comics, she did NOT have all the same powers as Rudy.

She couldn't take the form of the people who she drained. But when her brother (the green parasite) was still alive they could "Share" power. That is when her brother drained Superman, all Alexandra had to do was touch her brother's hand and she gained Superman's powers as well. Don't know if that halved their power or if they each still got the full dose of his powers though.

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Looking forward to the game.
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Yeah I think she would be a PERFECT Supergirl villain or a Teen Titans villains. 
I think she is still alive but I'm not sure. One of her last appearances was in a Firestorm arc where he is trying to escape from Queen Bee's hideout. But that was a long while back. Don't know if 
she has popped up anywhere else since then.
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hot? I know she looks kinda strange but there is something kind hot about her. I like the female parasite and wish they'd have kept her instead of bringing Rudy back.