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Cassie blown to pieces? Then what is she doing on the cover of the next issue teen titans and why should byo develop their relationship with Superboy, Johns strange author

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@powerwoman: new 52

A FOREVER EVIL tie-in! A villain from the early days of The New 52 has taken over Belle Reve, and he’s formed the Reverse Suicide Squad! But who—or what—is the Reverse Suicide Squad? Harley Quinn is about to learn the hard way that Power Girl is one of its members…

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@powerwoman: power girl would be "Suicide Squad's member in November

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But she will be back next

issue, so I do not understand his indignation

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She'll be back in the October issue

in November will KRYPTON RETURNS which will take place in a superman and Superboy

here sinoptis


KRYPTON RETURNS "continues as Supergirl faces the clone wars of Krypton. Just as she was starting to accept Superboy's clone origins, she faces the horrible past of her home planet. And she must once again face H'El.

I do not understand your indignation, have all been known to have solved that problem with kryptonite poisoning