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1 WISH...New X-Men Run! Would love to see what he would do with this new line up of X-Men.

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We shall see...

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Avengers MEMBERS ARE THESE: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Wolverine with War Machine in reserve for first fallen member

Justice League MEMBERS ARE THESE: Flash( Barry Allen), Batman, Green Lantern( Hal Jordan), Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Superman, Wonder Woman with Aquaman in reserve to replace first fallen member. 

Avengers : 
Captain America VS  Flash    Like Batman Cap would find a way.
Justice League : 
Batman VS  Panther          Come on, Hes Batmen
Avengers :  
Hulk VS  Superman          I truly believe The Hulk is stronger the Superman
Avengers :  
Wolverine VS  Wonder Woman     It would be a fight to the death. Batman wont kill, while both Logan and Diana will
Avengers : 
 Thor VS Green Lantern       Thor should be able to completely over power GL
Avengers :  
Spider-Man VS  Green Arrow         Green Arrow has not faced someone like Spider-Man
Avengers :   
Iron Man VS  Martian Manhunter        If Iron Man cant come up with a way no one can. 
Thor VS Aquaman          Aquaman need water to fight at full strength. 
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 It seems that ppl are looking at this in a literal sence. Romulus was/is the 1st in the book, he was not the original. Logan was and still is. 
He was the 1st charater from any comic (that I know of) who was writtin like this. Hard core & complexed.    Logan's look was original & its should have remained that way. I guess my real issue the lack of imagination and orignality 
Kingdom Come/Civil War...X23/Darken...in no way am I saying that they r the same but there so much alike that they could have been written by the same person/s. 
As for Liefield: No he didnt create him (or draw him well {or anything else for that matter}) but he did come up with Cable. 
Alot of what he did looked so much like so many other artiest work. So no, he was not orginal with his "work" but some of the concepts he cam up with where.  
Thats my story and Im stickin to it.

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Rip Off in the sence that Logan is so overexposed (for one) & to have a NEW character look so much like so many others...stupid 
The point that was beeing made is the LACK of imagination with this character. 
Comics are starting to become stale and predictable. I know "we have been reading the for years now but to come in, and have this over marketed "B-S" is a shame...I still hate Liefeild...but he gave us a really good character...THIS GUY??? Not so much 
"You can do better Marvel"