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I shouldn't have watched this. There is too much that I added to my wish list from this video. There work continues to amaze me, but recently I've found myself looking more towards Hot Toys for the sixth scale figures.

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Hey Guys,

I know you've all answered this question several times, and I can't be bothered to go back through each podcast and find the answer, but for a new reader interested in Moonknight, what would you recommend starting with? This is mainly for my girlfriend since she has taken an interest in reading comics since we started dating. She's picked up and enjoyed several of the Marvel noir books and wants something similar, but is open to other styles. Any help to keep her interested is really appreciated!

Thanks guys,


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Considering we've been given a lot of history on the TV show Green Arrow, we know that he has spent at least 5+ years training on an island in various forms of martial arts and with various weapons. From the movie appearances of Black Widow, we know that she has some serious skills with both hand to hand combat and various weapons, both close and long ranged. This almost makes it too close to call, but I cast my vote with Oliver Queen. I say this because we've seen more of what he has to offer, and we know more about his training regimen and what he actually does. His ability to remain quiet and approach his target without them detecting him is a plus, and you can't ignore the fact that if he gets away for a couple of seconds, he can blend into the crowd by changing back to Oliver Queen (he does this in the show a lot). It's also easier to let loose and arrow and have it remain undetected in the dark than it is to hide the muzzle flash of a pistol. We've seen too little on Black Widow, other than her just being a complete badass and taking on some thugs and aliens, but we know she is highly skilled, and has spent more time training and honing her skills than Arrow. This is probably the closest match I've seen in a while, but I still believe that Green Arrow will take the lead in a range fight. A close combat fight may prove to be the deciding factor. Arrow it is though.

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Will miss your perspective on everything comic related!