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@fangirl101 said:

@RyuHayabusa: I'm sorry if calling you honey creeps you out. Should I call you idiot? Or moron? or something else? I was just being me. Gladiator is not more powerful than Hulk. If you can produce some scans showing Glads beating Hulk, I'd love to see it. Superman is over all more poweful than Hulk but, he's not out of his league. This is how MOST of the net, of debaters view things. Well with the exception of Invincible and invisible woman. They don't like her on my list. And Alot of them think Wonder Woman isn't even top 25. My view of comics is a mix of Comic Vine, and other cites, who pretty much hate DC.

Gladiator is overall more powerful than Hulk no matter what you think. This is not a fist fight you think it is. Overall Hulk isn't in same class, he doesn't have speed to keep up or range attacks like Gladiator. Superman blows hulk out of water. This is not contest of strength, you should read battle forum rules.

Fact that you put Hulk above Majestic, Captain Marvel , Sentry , Captain Atom and few other heroes shows your credibility. You jsut made that list to please Hulk fanboys.

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@FMStyyx: Powerful =/= Stronger. Don't be stupid, hulk doesn't have anything other than strength. Gladiator is way faster and strong enough to beat down hulk.

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@fangirl101 said:

@RyuHayabusa: Oh Dear. You poor thing. Half the scans used here and all over the net, I personally scanned myself, YEARS ago. I am legendary as WW's biggest fan. Don't fool yourself. You nor anyone have anthing this organized and dedicated to Wonder Woman. http://herochats.com/index.php?topic=11.0 I am even working on respect Wonder Woman villains threads. This cite is the only cite on the net, that considers Wonder Woman any kind of threat. Every other cite, would laugh at her. And they do. I have spent years building her rep else where. This cite, is very DC centered, and skewed, so I don't have to fight here, about how Awesome WW is.

Thanks for saving me the trouble of scanning. Unlike you, i know the context of those scans. Only site i can think which doesn't consider WW or other DC top tier characters any kind of threat is Lounge.com. Your rep isn't better than Moses Van Dam. You have yet to prove that Hulk can hang with Prime or Sodam. Sentry has super-speed but his feats are nowhere close to Superman let alone Prime.

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@fangirl101 said:

@RyuHayabusa: Superman tried to kill Diana with his sun amped punch. She got right back up. WW has been Ko'd by a stray blast of Martian Vision. Sooooooo, we can say, if we want, that Superman's best punch, is weaker than a stray blast of Martian Vision. You see how that works. Because I see that being done to Marvel Characters alot here. And I'm no fan of the Hulk, So I can't defend him properly. I am WW's greatest fan. I know her well. And I know, Hulk and WW are close in power. Here you go.

Hulk was chocked by python, Spiderman trolled him, Black panther dodged his attacks. You see how i can low-ball characters too? No one considers you WW's greatest fan so keep telling that to yourself.

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@fangirl101 said:

@RyuHayabusa: Um, honey, I would be taken more seriously on EVERY OTHER CITE, since they all think way differently than this one. I haven't insulted you have I? And similar abilities now means they are the same power lvl? I guess Apollo is the same power lvl as Light Ray then? LOL. You see how that does NOT compute? Gladiator is Not more powerful than Hulk. If he were, then he'd WIN. I really don't take feats out of context. You guys are the ones who give a character a rating on strength based upon one set of space cheese feats, and not based upon the whole character, and BATTLES.

Don't call me honey, you are creeping me out. Gladiator is overall more powerful than Hulk. Apollo and ray are not from same race and there powers are different. Take Kryptonians for example. Superman is more powerful than Hulk and he has so many abilities which hulk does not. Zod is also kryptonian which means he should be around Superman's level when he is @100%. You should read my post again, i said "similar powers and around same level". Gladiator would win he goes all out. Super-strength +Superspeed and others powers.

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@fangirl101: No one takes you seriously because of your behavior. You might have read comics but you take feats out of context. Gladiator is overall more powerful than Hulk, which means anyone with similar abilities and close power-level should be above hulk.

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@fangirl101: World War hulk fought Sentry and he didn't actually beat him. Hulk was severally injured by sentry. You can't even prove how powerful sentry's attacks are compared to Superman's. Destroying planet is durability feat?

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@FMStyyx said:

*Sigh* let me try to make this very simple. Yes i believed hulk should be able to break it very many reasons but mainly due to my misunderstanding of who gaia was in the DC universe.. now i think WB hulk can get out of the lasso.. but not break it..

How in the hell is he going to get out of lasso? He can't shape shift, unlike amazo he is living being, lasso will revert him back to banner.

You dnt know what im talking about.. its present through out our constant arguing..

Through out your constant babbling and twisting the facts.

I didnt understand what Gaia was in the DC universe; now i do... (actually it does have thing to do with gaia, if im comparing her creation 'the earth' to a being whose mere existence can destroy it.. the earth is not a stone.. its a life sustaining ecosystem.. or what ever but its not a rock..

Its durability isn't any better than lifeless rock.

Um, okay fire isnt waht i was talking about, hestias fire was.. but i dnt think it has the power to destroy the planet either.. the planet contains everyone of the materials to make admantium and the planet is made up of all kinds of high grade metals.. ill give you this though.. the planet itself isnt as powerful as those metals but i think its more difficult to destroy the planet then a high grade metal.. and WB hulk is one of the most powerful marvel characters..

Prove that Planet had admantium and hulk destroyed it. Hulk isn't one of most powerful characters, not even close. There are several alien races in Marvel universe and many abstracts, they outclass hulk by huge margin.

Also im assuming your '10000th' number is made up but ill correct it any way..There isnt that many marvel characters :) and normal hulk is up there maybe in the most powerful 200s.. and WB hulk is maybe in the 1st 50 most powerful...

I wont say anything about your last to sentences..

As i said there are different alien races who are not only strong but fast and some have reality warping powers. They outclasses hulk in overall power. I can't name 100000 characters but i can name few. Gladiator is overall more powerful than hulk and there are many characters like Gladiator.

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@fangirl101: Durability feats of Wb hulk? Superman will be able to see hulk's strike in slow motion and evade them effortlessly. Can Hulk tank Superman's heat vision?

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