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Who is this?

He is a ginger who would mop the floor with MK universe.

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Manhattan. He is omnipotent level. I'm not sure Thanos and DS could win even with the infinity gauntlet.

Flagged for stupidity.

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1. Poor logic. Even if Gladiator's reaction time is in few nanoseconds, he is slower than Superman in that department.

2. It was a planet but we don't know its density and size.

3. Gladiator covering whole area of explosion is absurd because he is not big enough to do that and he has never shown energy manipulation powers at that scale or remotely close.

5.Right, because every planet is of some size

6. Nothing to say Rulk was even falling at speed of light. If Rulk wasn't inside event horizon and moving toward singularity then that feat is not impressive. Event Horrizon is like boundry, if your are outside of event horizon then you don't need escape velocity(which is ftl) to escape black hole.

0.You didn't answer about my "ABC logic". 1.Ok in other way. When You have seen Flash helping people in picoseconds, did You thought that he helped them in 1,000,000 or just few picoseconds? In theory - of course, narrator could have say that he did it on other way, but we can't expect that he will say how many nanoseconds it took. It also isn't suprising since Gladiator move from Pluton to Earth in speed 100x FTL. If we would attack feats like that, then we should also attack Supe's "nanosecond" feat, since it were only his words and he just needed to fly fast. I don't see why I shouldn't count one and should count other.

0. I already did but you ignored it.

1. I m not dismissing gladiator's feats but he is still slower than Superman. Travelling speed is not same as reaction speed. I guess this is the feat you are questioning.

It clearly says .00001 microseconds. So yes flash helped them all in .00001 microseconds. We know Flash did this is in .00001 microseconds but we cannot say the same about Gladiator because nanoseconds is plural. His reaction time might be 2 nanoseconds or 999nanoseconds.

. 2.I see Your point, but in that situation almost no plnaet-busting feat counts. For anyone. If I don't see an indication that this is small/big planet I consider it as a similar one to Earth. 3.No, no, no, You misunderstood my point. Gladiator isn't enregy manipulator. Sometimes powerfull heroes are eating boms to not let them destroy some area, yes? Sometimes they are jumping on these bombs (like currenlty Wolverine in U. X-Force IIRC). Gladiator (thanks to Reed we can be sure about it) contained it similar way, since it didn't destroy anything. He didn't absorb it or manipulated. 5.No, but it wasn't said that they would destroy a big/small planet. This is actually the best way for showing character's strength without making him to actually destroy a planet. 6.I can't find this scan on my images on CV or in my PC. It is pointless to continue this without this scan. We can back to this later in PM, since it is not even about Gladiator.

2. Destroying planet is impressive but holding it in orbit or pulling it out of orbit is far more impressive,

3. We don't know how gladiator contained it. If gladiator tanked that blast it would have destroyed any planet in range and gladiator is certainly not big enough to cover the whole area unless it was thin beam of light.

5. We all know how comics were written back in 60's and 70's. Gladiator might be able to pulverize small planet but it doesn't mean he can do that to every planet. Still nothing on par with Superman

6. Not very impressive if Rulk was not inside Black hole.

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I got some WW comics just for the art, but as a result I found something ever better than WW:


Now I'd rather just now which comics Cheetah appears in. But it's kinda confusing because there are apparently 3 different characters name Cheetah, and on top of that I don't know which of her appearances are just minor cameos.

Which cheetah you want to read about? Minerva or Rich?

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Catwoman = 10

Wonder Woman = 22 (+1)

Supergirl = 6

Batgirl = 10

Mary Jane = 9

Jean Grey = 16

Rogue = 15 (-1)

Psylocke = 15

Emma Frost = 23

Storm = 16

Vampirella = 7

Invisible Woman = 3

Huntress = 11

Sara Pezzini = 15

Buffy Summers = 15

Poison Ivy = 14

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Why do you make these battles?

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Where is curing cancer feat?

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and i thought spike was DBZ fanboy.

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@Lady_Liberty: I did but everyone was saying hulk wins, hulk stomps and hulk curbstomps without any explanation.