Who is the Better Batman?

 Cat And The Bat
Dick has been many things in his life. He was first Batman's sidekick, however he eventually left to lead his team "The Titans". Dick has been the boyfriend of 'numerous' women, but always acts like Bruce and doesn't have a consistent relationship. In a way, Dick is exactly like Bruce. They both have more in common than they possibly realize. An example is, the loosing of both parents. With this, this set Bruce on the path to becoming Batman and also set Dick to becoming Robin.  

Bruce Wayne

 King Of Dating
Bruce is the $richest$ person in the world. He gained millions of dollars when his parents died, he eventually revolutionized the world and made Billions of dollars. Bruce isn't afraid of loosing money, he makes millions of dollars a day. So there is no worries at all. While being Gotham's Dark Knight, he also wants to keep his "public" appearance, so he dates movie stars, co-workers, etc etc. However, to him it is only work. Even dating 'within' the JLA (Justice League Of America) or any other team, it will lead to disaster. As Bruce states himself, "I'm A Rich Kid With Issues", this is true however dating someone that can protect themselves from an evil threat doesn't lead to disaster. Throughout Bruce's entire career, he has dated even his "super" villain rogues gallery. From Harley Quinn to Poison Ivy to Catwoman and Talia Al Ghul, no women can resist Batman's charm. From this, Bruce only finds "quick" pleasure then realizes that He is devoted to Gotham and his War ON Crime! So from heroes like, Wonder Woman to Zatanna, Bruce is always going to be a lone wolf of Dc Universe. The constant woman that Bruce seems to like a whole bunch is Selina Kyle better known as Catwoman. From their battles in the past, Catwoman always seems to escape from Batman. Coincident, I think not. In Batman Hush, he revealed his secret identity to Catwoman. So he must really trust her. However, Talia and Bruce always came back and forth, just like a batarang. They even went further into their relationship and got married, even had a baby (Damian Wayne). However, even like this, Bruce knows in his heart that it isn't right. Maybe in his thinking "happiness" isn't something he can buy, even with all the good he does in the world. Maybe Bruce should give his mantle to Dick Grayson, and become a different hero.  

Dick Grayson

 Dick and Barbara
Dick is like Bruce in so many ways. However, so different in everything. They both lost their parents to crime, that is the major thing that they have in common. Dick has dated within a team, however it eventually leads to disaster. Just like Bruce's relationships. Bruce is proud of Dick willingly enjoying defeating crime and making the world a better place. While they have their differences (like father and son have at times), in the end they always are their to help and protect each other. I never liked the ideal of Batgirl dating Bruce. It didn't seem right. Bruce was (at the time) in his early 20's and Barbara was still a teenager. While most comics can pull this off, not all should even try. Dick and Barbara are "supposedly" for each other. However, through Bruce's teachings, don't always have a close relationship with someone, Dick ends up leaving the relationship. From him being the Boy Wonder of Batman, to Nightwing the Protector of Blud Haven, Dick has gone through a whole bunch of test. When he reluctantly didn't wear the Bruce's Bat mantle, he left it up to Jason and Tim. When Tim almost died, Jason and Dick battled to where, Dick won Bruce's mantle. He became Batman. When Jason said, "You should've been more of a man", it got me thinking. Why didn't Dick want to fill in the gap? Being Nightwing was easy for him, being Batman was like being killed then reborn into someone that you know you're not. However, Dick has been Batman for some time now. Trying to find out how everything works as Gotham's protector. 

Who has the rights to the Mantle?

 New Identity
Bruce certainly has the rights to the Bat mantle. However, when he comes back maybe he should be like Marvel Comics Steve Rogers and become a new hero identity. With Dick we get jokes and cracks from him, it is cool, however Batman doesn't act like that. No one should be killed off. However, Dick can't go back to being Nightwing because he outgrew that role, and Bruce shouldn't (I don't know) give his mantle to Dick. Dick isn't going to die off (hopefully not), however Bruce's return is coming soon. Dick is capable, he even has fought some of his own rogues gallery. However, he is shorter than Bruce it seems that Dick should at least be 6 feet tall. However, he isn't so we have to deal with everyone knowing that it's a new Batman. 

In The End....

Dick should get the mantle. Gotham needs Batman, Bruce should just become a different hero. I totally like that ideal. Dick is a funny Batman, using jokes and cracks that confuses the enemy. However, Dick is more in the air, which is also good. He can do some awesome combat moves in the air. Bruce should become (maybe) Batman, however only in dire things. Maybe not. But, Bruce should become "Batwing" or something, because Bruce still needs to protect Gotham City. So maybe I'm right or maybe not. But Dick gets the mantle of the Bat. He's Batman. Bruce is also is cool too. 

 Dick Should Be Batman
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Interesting article, but I like Bruce as Batman more. I'm guessing that they'll both be Batman when Bruce returns because of Batman INC starting.
Posted by Harlekin

Grayson should be Batman over Bruce. Not even because he's better, it would of been nice to see a progression with Bruce to see him become more of a overseer of the Bat Family. I would of liked Bruce becoming more like he was in Batman Beyond.

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Dick Grayson <3

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Did Dick really need to be Batman? 
I mean he become his own man, even Alfred say it, Dick never wanted to be Batman, he dont want to be that dark and live the life of Batman. 
Dick dont have the pants to be Batman, Batman  is more that a suit, even Terry knew this.