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Kicking ass and taking names! 0

The GoodArt– Stuart Immonen as usual on this book is delivering top notch groovy-ness in every panel. I’m loving it!Story– Baron Zemo is on the verge of killing All New Captain America who manages to turn the tides before Nomad shows up to save him. Samuel takes down Lucas and his flea infested ship with the aid of his powers. Misty takes down taskmaster. There is a backup plan however with Baron Blood. Batroc shows up for revenge. Nomad deals with Batroc while Samuel tracks d...

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The legend returns! 1

What I thoughtJonboy’s art rocked my socks off from start to finish. I’m assuming the “god” which shows up here is the mother of “Satan” and “god” who used Wanda and Terry Fitzgerald’s twins as their vessels way back in Spawn history. Taking the form of a dog was…..interesting. I enjoyed the reintegration of Al Simmonsinto the titular role of the Spawn series.There are more soft reboots in this book than I can keep up with. First Wand...

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What I thoughtI really did dig the cover on this one. The Re-entry of Kevin Brashear into our universe as Blue Marvel and Spectrum looks on. Everything is bathed in blue hues and tones and just looks awesome! I also really liked the art which was stylized an well suited to this high energy tale. Spectrum’s powers also get crazy spotlight as she checks the whole building in the blink of an eye, creates hard light constructs and just all around kicks ass. The budding relationship between he...

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The end of everything! 0

What I thoughtHonestly this just came across as epic beyond words. Hickman had me the moment he took over the avengers line but when INFINITY delivered I could not conceive that things would go up a notch, but it did, and I am so damn grateful! The art courtesy of Esad Rubic is comparable to Sara Pichelli and classic 90’s era Carlos Pacheco. It is simply divine honestly! They of course are complimented by the colors of Ive Svorcina who I’ve never heard about but who is clearly on my...

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