Superhero Daycare

The who's who of famous superhero/supervillain progeny!

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Posted by rcrd

cool concept, im lovin it!

Posted by jordama

I loved it, way to go
Posted by Ryonslaught
@jordama: Thanks J glad you approve!!! ;)
Posted by Gregorski

Have to agree. Great list, I loved it. A few characters I never even heard of...
Posted by MichaeltheFly

Another great list, great concept and thanks for this list Its very helpful.

Posted by Ryonslaught
@Michael the Fly: Your welcome and the best of the season to you and your family
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

This was an awesome list especially love spidergirl.

Posted by Slayer_Angella

OK!, i know I've been goen from comics a long while but....Scott and Emma have really been Busy! lol

Posted by KillerZ

Very nice list, want me to sent you more names?

Posted by MichaeltheFly
Posted by pentagram

awsome list. oh yeah i found another: 
lilith: daugter of dracula

Posted by Ryonslaught
@pentagram: Glad you like it Pen, :)
lilith is already there though, you missed her!
Posted by Illyana Rasputin

Danielle Cage is so cute.

Posted by Ryonslaught
@Illyana Rasputin: what can i say? LUKE makes some pretty baby! lol
Posted by fbdarkangel

yay! I think Laura is Wolvie's daughter too!

Posted by starkiller95

more heroes! great!

Posted by Ryonslaught
@starkiller95: More and more star, expect more still :)
Edited by Providence
Edited by foxx_wertas

What about holocaust/nemesis?  Wasn't he the son of Apocalypse in AOA? 
Awesome list too
Posted by ninjadude853

this must have been a pain in the ass to make

Posted by Ryonslaught
@ninjadude853: Not really LOL It just kinda came together :)
@foxx_wertas: He's there

Posted by ninjadude853
@Ryonslaught: really? you didn't miss anyone, well, you probably did, but even so you reached down into some fairly obscure places
even hope is here
Posted by Ryonslaught
@ninjadude853: Someone is always missed that why lists are quite the bother, constant need of updating lol
Posted by Leliel

Llyron is not the son of Namor, his the son of Black Moray 

Posted by MarkPar

Damian Wayne

Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

One last one from me: Shadow (the daughter of Casey Jones)

Posted by Ryonslaught
@MarkPar: he's already there
@AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge: Thanks AMP, added

Edited by PhoenixEssence

hey ! cool list but where is Rachel Summers ? 
Oh ! No matter ! I see her ! Thanks ...Terrific Girl ! 
So Superboy has two dads huh ? I knew there was something beetween Clark and Lex ( Hello ? Enough to off spring a super child !!!!!!!)

you forgot Bruce's son from KINGDOM COME
Posted by Ryonslaught
@KNIGHT SAVIOR: He's already there, he shares the same page as Damian wayne
Posted by RogueVampire

This is an awesome list...mine doesn't even bear mentioning. Just so you know I'm not copying your idea..I just like making lists.

Posted by Ryonslaught
@RogueVampire: no worries man :) have fun!
Posted by Providence

Keep it up, Ryonslaught! Love the list!

Posted by Ryonslaught
@Providence: Thanks man, what can I say? the original is still the best :)
Posted by EganTheVile1
Posted by misterz173

Awesome List!

Posted by misterz173

This is a great list, but, it needs a better title. Superhero Daycare sounds lame. No Offense.

Posted by Gothic Storm
@Slayer_Angella said:
" OK!, i know I've been goen from comics a long while but....Scott and Emma have really been Busy! lol  SA "
I agree on this one! Wow... How many kids do they have together? More importantly, howmany kids does Scott himself have??? He better be thankful he doesn't have to pay child support! This is such a great list! Thanks for sharing it!
Posted by Ryonslaught
@misterz173: Thanks :)
no offense taken
@Gothic Storm:
Your very welcome XD
Posted by Peregrine
Spitfire is the son of the golden age Ray from dc comics if you want another superkid
Posted by Ryonslaught
@Peregrine: Thanks man ;)
Posted by PushMunky

Boba Fett - Surrogate son & clone of Jango Fett. 

Posted by Ryonslaught
@Jake454: You missed him...he's already there
Posted by nightshroud1

the skrull who got tigra pregnant was actually male, he was the third skrull who posed as hank pym  
the first one was female
Posted by EganTheVile1

Notice one so obvious missing you may facepalm, Harley Quinn's grandaughters the Dee Dee Twins

Posted by EganTheVile1

Prepare to facepalm..... Thanos' daughter Gamora

Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge
Posted by Journey Into Chaos

that's alot of kids. T.T
Posted by spark80

Great list!

Posted by KEROGA

whoa who knew heroes were such swingers,lol 
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