Marvel Universe-Galactic Vogue!

A list of my favorite men and women...and some villains as well on marvel's cosmic scale

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Posted by krazyKarima

list needs onslaught.....seriously!

Posted by markky_frass

cool! nova and lilandra?!

Posted by Illyana Rasputin

Oh, Lilandra! (SOBS) The Beyonder is an @#$%!

Posted by Rasta_hero

lilandra is dead? gladiator leads the shiar?...shiar lost to the kree/inhumans? who the hell is vulcan?
man i have to recommend this for bring me up to speed :0

Posted by doomsilver

this list is awesome
Posted by Leliel
Posted by Herokiller12344

What the hell is Void anyway? Is he a cosmic or just Sentry's power given physical form.