Academy X-yearbook

List of Students at the Xavier institute for higher learning from Grant Morrison took over X-men to now. Their current status and brief bio. Enjoy

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Posted by Slayer_Angella

a listing of comic book telepaths, superb!

Posted by starkiller95

interesting list!

Posted by xboy79

Nice list

Posted by abbi

*Thumbs up*
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Hmmm good list.

Posted by Ryonslaught
@MoonstoneEvil: Thanks :)
Posted by pixie_child

This is a good list, but I am not sure the title fits. There was an actual New X-Men issue with that name and the majority of these characters were not in it.    
Posted by tsl3161991

the mutant that possessed blindfold was called proteus, not promethius.
Posted by Journey Into Chaos
ya well we're learning. Can't critize someone if they have a spelling disability.