Looking back at the run of Joe Kelly and Steve Seagle on X-men

Welcome one and all to my very first Blog post on comicvine.com!
For years I've sat by and watched the reviews of all the modern comics marvel has released.....House of M, Messiah Complex, Civil war and even Secret Invasion....Now they have moved on to Dark Reign.....

But whatever happened to the comics of yesteryear?
Where is the love for comics that people loved but the internet was not everywhere as it is now? To that end I have decided to write some reviews of comics from back in the 90's; more particularly I'll start with the comics run of Joe Kelly and Steve Seagle in 1997-1998.

Why this run?

Well I hear people talk about Chris Claremont with reverence, Grant Morrisson is controversial and highly innovative and Joss Whedon breathes new life into characters he loves and can create an emotional resonance second to none......but  

what about the runs that have no place on the net?  

what about the niche/cult writing of the 90's?  

I don't think Fans give enough props to the work done by these two and I can tell you now I entered comics big around this time it was my favorite run only surpassed by Morisson and Whedon so maybe it's nostalgia.....maybe I'm just another Fanboy......but let's read and write some reviews let's analyze their run and let's appreciate the characters they cultivated the underrated (some say C-listers) Marrow and Cecelia Reyes and (D-lister) Maggot.....

Once I'm done with this run I'll move on with another or even look back at some......but for now its review time baby!     
more detailed reviews can be found on my other blog  worldofblackheroes
Posted by Renascence

I agree.
Particularly Joe Kelly's run was really underrated.  I love the status quo of having the X-Men fall to nothing, living in the barren remains of a destroyed mansion, forcing them to use their powers to protect each other, their home, and even heal the wounded and sick.  It gave them a street-level feel without moving them away from their legacy and it was nice seeing them without Shi'ar technology being far too convenient and luxurious for the persecuted and troubled mutants.
Plus the new characters were weird and refreshing, particularly ugly duckling Marrow.  The team dynamic was fresh and tense, but it still felt like a family.

Posted by Ryonslaught

I agree 100% renascence,  
finally a like minded soul in the vastness of the internet
Posted by krazyKarima

I loved this run on the X-men and kudos on your blog, seems like you've been really busy though